out for a stroll with Ellie

1847 stroller from the John Leech Archives

1847 stroller from the John Leech Archives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as it cools down in the evening
I know it’s time to go, go, go
and I hear Ellie say three times
“where’d she go? where’d she go? where’d she go?”

“Grandma didn’t feel up to a walk.
So, Grandma is at home”, I say
“it’s just you and me, Ellie
out for our stroll together, today”

“bark! bark!” she shrieks
as we hear some dogs growl behind a tall fence
and I wonder how fast my old body could move
if I had to come to her defense

“dis one” and “dis one” and “dis one”
she says, touching plants as we move along
and “chirp, chirp!” she sings out
when we hear some birds singing a song

“baby! baby!” she cries out with joy
seeing a stroller moving in the other direction
but of course she can’t take that baby home
to add to her growing baby collection

as we turn the corner, I wonder if we will see the Kitty
that is usually resting on the front porch of his home
“meow, meow, Blaze!” she says when we see him
sitting there just staring at us and all alone

she waves goodbye to the Kitty
as we continue to stroll on our merry way
and soon it will be night, night, when we get home
and for Grandpa, it is the close of another good day

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all that is left

English: A Comedy icon, based on the Drama Icon

English: A Comedy icon, based on the Drama Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as the end credits
began to slowly scroll by
I didn’t know how to react
whether to clap or to sigh

the main character
was so obvious and dull
leaving me indifferent to his plight
and with very little over which to mull

the whole pointless plot
made absolutely no sense
with all the best laughs
ultimately coming at my expense

and the endless subplots
were all mere diversions
taking me on all sorts
of useless dead-end excursions

and so as the grand theater
now grows still and dark
all that is left in this empty space
is my fading final question mark


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in any event

Heights Park, famous for its rocketship slide.

Heights Park, famous for its rocketship slide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one night she came to my front door
so, I asked her to stay for dinner
later she was depressed, so I rubbed her feet
and told her that she was always a winner

then, I excused myself politely
and went off into another room
where I had been busy building a spaceship
to take me to the far side of the moon

when I returned she was gone
and I had no idea where she went
but I still felt that we were good friends
although, I never saw her again, in any event

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the separation of powers

Baron de Montesquieu theorized the principle o...

Baron de Montesquieu theorized the principle of separation of powers, that has been implemented in all liberal democracies since it was first applied in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

imagine a President with a pen constantly rewriting laws
and no one could stop such overt unconstitutionality?
or what if the executive branch overlooked as loyal minions
made up rules to audit and persecute their political enemies?

how could we all forget about the separation of powers
after such acts of abuse of power became widely known?
when the next election will result in a new administration
that will feel that we have left them sitting on a throne

our government is a system of checks and balances
and so we need to find ways to work together for success
instead of the executive branch resorting to a pen and a phone
to work around our elected representatives in Congress

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iridescent irony lost

English: An iridescent cloud over . Français :...

English: An iridescent cloud over . Français : Un nuage iridescent au-dessus de Rennes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a sad voice
oh, so soulfully singing
a simple sound
that was lonely and unnoticed
in the cacophony
of a loud and noisy city

where now
the wilderness was
long, long lost
buried under tons
of ancient megalithic
stones and circles

going around and around
as iridescent clouds
circling overhead
floating in a sky
that at once
appeared limitless

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tossed to the winds

a baby being tossed up by a man

a baby being tossed up by a man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my thoughts and hopes are scattered
as if my ashes were tossed to the winds
and now I’m returning to the basic elements
back to where all life begins and ends

if life is just an endless natural circle
then why do I feel that I’ve fallen through a dark hole
where I am stretched thin into infinite nothingness
and all that is left is a mere wisp of my soul

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unfolding nothingness

English: Unfolding Nothingness...

English: Unfolding Nothingness… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is there nothing but darkness and shadows
and is there only a mere hazy blur of divine light
does everything of meaning end in unfolding nothingness
like a lonely scream in the silent dead of the night

let me see thy sunlight and beauty, ever lasting
open my eyes to the unseen wonders all around me
let me see the leaves shivering alive in the breeze
and let my heart be opened and my spirit finally be set free

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lost in the air

Malaysian 777-200

Malaysian 777-200 (Photo credit: planegeezer)

a Malaysian airliner is mysteriously missing
lost in the air
and after 14 days
we are still not sure exactly where

the flight transponder was turned off
as they flew high in the sky
also the ACARS was disabled
and we have no clue why

it appears now they changed direction
from their planned flight path
and the delays and ever-changing news reports
must have some families feeling confusion and wrath

was it a catastrophic failure
that caught both the pilots unawares
or some evil terrorist plot gone awry
that now leaves so many in tears

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butterflies at play

English: Monarch butterflies

English: Monarch butterflies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was in a room with no windows or doors
so, I felt trapped and was running all about
beating my head and hands on the walls
and trying to find some possible way out

when I realized that everyone has a choice
and that it’s up to each to make their own way
then I headed on a path down to a gentle running brook
where the sun is shining and butterflies are at play

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nuthin much


boring (Photo credit: simaje)

let’s see, I could write about this or that
but I’ve done those topics all before
and I don’t have anything really new to add
and I wouldn’t want to be a repetitive bore

tonight I don’t feel any fire or inspiration
and I don’t really have anything I want to say
I’m just sitting here with nothing to do
at the end of another uneventful day

I suppose I should try to read a good book
but that is hard on my old failing eyes
or maybe I should exercise and take a walk
that would be something a doctor would advise

or I could write a poem about nothing
one that would just waste your good time
and although it would be totally meaningless
at least I could make the lines rhyme

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those curves

Female silhouette - IMAG0410_edit0

Female silhouette – IMAG0410_edit0 (Photo credit: kevindean)

why is it that the sound of a woman’s voice
is so melodic and pleasant and pleasing
and the mere sight of her female lines
and those curves are so instantly teasing?

is it all just genes and hormones
and basic chemistry and biology
or is there something more infinitely magical
that could explain this universal mystery?

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cloud watching

Cloud watching

Cloud watching (Photo credit: caddymob)

it seems we were watching clouds
just the other day
then I turned and looked back
and found you had gone away

so many thoughts and comments
that I should have came out and said
so many beautiful rhymes and words
that I should have more carefully read

I guess, I took it for granted
that you would always be there
so, I didn’t take the time
to say how much I really care

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tao of love


yin-yang (Photo credit: pinkangelbabe)

somehow you got your yin
mixed in with my yang
in a silly little love duet
that together we briefly sang

as one, we joined our essences
and made up a little for the loss of jing
and there’s nothing wrong with that
if that is your kind of tao thing

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one iridescent moment


Bubbles (Photo credit: Jeff Kubina)

we walked together
hand in hand
and in the background someone played
a forgotten romantic sonata on a baby grand

floating along in an iridescent bubble
of closed space-time
before collapsing in a final emotional burst
or was it all just a moment in my mind?

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