this is as good as it gets

Amar-Sin, or Bur-Sin, (reign: 2047/6 to 2037 B...

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when I was younger
I wanted to be a writer
but by words lacked feeling
and the pictures that they painted
were all blurred
like the colors were bleeding

the stories that I told
of tall heroes being bold
were anachronistic and misleading

try as hard as I could
to be descriptive and good
all I produced were shades of gray

extinct dinosaurs smoking cigarettes
red-light street whores dancing pirouettes
icicle cuneiforms casting meaningless silhouettes
on the white capped seas of Las Vegas debts

as the angry sun fades
the darkness invades

the empty sounds of women weeping
a lonely janitor sweeping

futile dust collects
this is as good as it ever gets


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  1. #1 by rkhouse on September 30, 2011 - 7:45 am

    I love the Farside by Gary Larson. His “The real reason dinosaurs became extinct” was the initial inspiration for this poem. I took that line and threw in some other odd and vivid imagery and wanted to contrast it with my inability as a writer to write something that didn’t disappoint me. The “shades of gray”. Of course, that may just be inherent to my personality. I admit I am rather boring and logical. I certainly wouldn’t spend as much time with myself as I do, if I didn’t have to.

    My alternative title for this was “Not as good as it wants to be”.

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