By any other name

My grandfather used to like to tell me the story of one time when I was very young and he was visiting me in the hospital. He said, “The Nurses came up to me and asked if there was something ‘wrong’ with you.” The nurses were calling me by my first name, Ronald, and I was not responding to them. Grandpa always laughed and said, “I told them that your parents call you by your middle name, Kirk”. This always brought a big smile to his face and he would have a good laugh. The nurses were apparently really relieved to find out this information.

Grandpa always used to say “Hi guy” to me when we met alone. I never thought anything about it. I assumed that he called everyone “guy”. However, many years later, long after my Grandfather was gone, my parents told me that Grandpa had wanted me named “Guy”. I remember laughing and telling them that Grandpa had always called me “Guy”. I just didn’t realize it. I wonder if that secret was also part of his joy in telling me the little hospital story about my name confusion.

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