A Mysterious Meeting and a Rocket to Nowhere

Rocket Cam Launch

Image by jurvetson via Flickr

I was walking down street at night. Only the street lights lighting the way. There were no cars moving and only a few other people walking in the distance. I came to a pub and opened the door. There was a meeting going on inside. I looked around briefly and recognized some faces, but they were older than I remembered. It had been years since I had attended one of these meetings. Perhaps five or seven years, in fact. A woman came through the door. She had short dark hair with whisps of gray. She seem startled to see me and came and sat next to me. She sat slumped in her chair as if carrying a heavy burden. Her eyes glistened as if tears might flow.

“Where have you been? Why didn’t you call me?” she asked quietly.

The person sitting next to me leaned in and answered for me in a matter-of-fact tone, “He didn’t think you would be interested because you’re so beautiful.”

Then she passed me a note on a napkin. It said “He is a monster.”

I asked her “What’s wrong? You can tell me about it.”

She whispered, “He wouldn’t tell me where you were. He said you were working at a secret location and couldn’t be reached.” She put her head on my sholder and I comforted her as she held back tears.

“There, there” I said. Uncertain of what else to say. “That’s true, but I’ve been back for years, now.” She was devastated, but it was just the truth. “You’re just as beautiful as I remember.” I said in a comforting voice, but that didn’t appear to be what she wanted to hear.

Suddenly, I was in a large warehouse. A small team was assembled. “Do we have approval to go?” someone asked me. “My friend is in trouble. I can’t wait for approval. Are you with me?” Heads nodded. I went to a large panel. “Open the door”. I looked overhead at the large door in the roof. “Open the door”, I repeated. Someone moved and pushed a button to activate the door mechanism. As the door slowly moved back into position, I flipped some panel switches to “on” position. Little lights turned green with each switch. “All systems go” I said. “Prepare for launch sequence”. Three rockets arranged in a large tripod configuration began to sputter. Each member of the team grabbed his handles attached to ropes that were fastened to the main central rocket. As the rockets lifted off through the opening in the roof, I grabbed my handles and was lifted away.

We flew through cloudy night skies, higher and higher until we could see the sun on the far distant horizon. It was daylight when we detached and parachuted into a large spread of a compound where my friend was being held. Shortly after we landed as we were still putting away our chutes, a small space shuttle landed in a nearby clearing. A hatch in the back folded down into a ramp. She stepped of the shuttle in a black outfit saying “It’s a trap. he’s not even here. You have to abort the mission.”


  1. #1 by RKHouse on October 16, 2011 - 6:21 pm

    I wonder what is really going on in our minds as we dream? The meeting is a recurring dream I have. I seem to show up there at random times in my life. I’ve met this woman before in my dreams, but she doesn’t correspond to anyone I know in real life. Although, she looks a little like a grown up version of a girl I had a crush on in fourth or fifth grade, named Kim.

    Never done the rocket thing before. Where the heck does that come from? It is so out of character for me anyway. I would be the guy stepping in at the last minute and looking around saying “this doesn’t look like a good idea. Are you guys sure this is safe?” It was kinda like water skiing, only without the water and without the boat. You know, the part of skiing when you fall down and are pulled along and forget to let go of the rope. Like that. Only with hot rocket exhaust in your face.

    Why couldn’t I dream I was the King of the Rocket Men a la Lost Planet Airmen (1951)? Now, that always looked like fun. Except for, maybe, the occasional bottom burns that come from strapping rockets to your backside.

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