And So Sincere

Gaelreorihyu chwalyounghoe in ...^^ Ttatteunha...

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Shari sings to me
my love in many ways
eternally gentle beauty
that which stays
and all ways
and always

the music of the muses
plays to our agony
adding to the chaos which confuses me
lifting us all to final ecstasy

he waits for me
way on high
like all men
my destiny is to die
and none cry

until my fate arrives
my fire will burn here on Earth
that which survives
only to find life a curse

the order is simple
the way clear
amidst endless eternity
all my eyes can see
is the dimple in the smile of my dear Shari

“And So Sincere” © 1983 Ronald K. House

“Alarmed (instrumental)” © 1983 Ronald K. House



  1. #1 by RKHouse on October 21, 2011 - 7:41 am

    Kind of an eerie song. I don’t ever remember anyone named Shari, so either I picked the name to go with the song or I’ve totally forgotten this girl. Maybe she was an alien from another planet and she wiped my memory. Yikes. Maybe she was from Venus. Who really knows what’s under those clouds. They could be camouflage or something. Or not.

    If you listen carefully to the end, you will hear my stupid digital watch alarm going off. Un-phased, I went right into an instrumental duet with it. This kind of improvisational playing around was often how I would work as I was trying to come up with music to go along with my songs.

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