I folded myself away

Broken glass, Belfast, April 2010

Broken glass, Belfast, April 2010 (Photo credit: Machine Made)

your lies lie scattered on my floor in broken shards
left shattered like my hopes and dreams
it all feels like such a pain in the glass
that over the years never seems to wane or pass

small slivers that cut deep and stay embedded in me
my trust like a knife left stabbed in my back
with your fingerprints left everywhere as evidence
only to be wiped away as I was carried to the ambulance

my shadow passes the cracked mirror left hanging on my wall
reflecting jagged memories of my distorted anguish and pain
until I summon the will to forgive you and to forgive myself
now at the end, it is time to fold myself away, up on the closet shelf


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  1. #1 by RKHouse on May 4, 2012 - 9:40 am

    this new revision made major changes to the old college original. I don’t remember the original inspiration, so I may have taken it into a somewhat new direction.

    true reflection

    images of broken glass
    shattered dreams
    a pain in the ass
    that never seems
    to wane or pass

    hopeless thoughts
    mere memories or might be’s
    looking back on yesterdays
    feeling sick and throwing up
    but never giving up

    listening to the silent silence
    a cracked mirror on the wall
    distorted features or distorted ways
    asking a question
    of better, new todays
    taller or smaller ways

    no answer or suggestion
    the mirror reflectively acts
    as if you never asked a question
    more cracks, no tact
    before the mirror falls
    off the walls

    breaking up
    but not laughing
    a true reflection
    of all that’s happening

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