tonight will last forever

Couple in Bed

Couple in Bed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

just lie there and hold my hand
all night listening to our favorite band
and being so close is just so grand

look deep into my eyes
between us there are no lies
and no need to compromise

as we cuddle here together
safe from the outside weather
our hearts as light as a feather

just us two side by side
our souls both open wide
safe from the dark world outside

our smiles become contagious
the giggling is outrageous
and our openness is so courageous

don’t let the morning sun bring us down
this feeling will forever be around
for together we’ll never need to frown


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  1. #1 by RKHouse on May 5, 2012 - 4:49 am

    The basis for this poem was barely a sketch. I had a few lines written down on a page without a title. And never bothered to work anymore on it until tonight. Here was all I had written back in college:

    tonight will last forever
    our love will last forever

    just hold my hand
    just smile for me
    just stay a little while
    in our fantasy

    don’t let the morning
    bring you down
    this feeling will always
    be around

  2. #2 by seventhvoice on May 5, 2012 - 11:02 am

    Love the effect of the imagery combined with the words in your poem. Very powerful. Thank you.

    • #3 by RKHouse on May 5, 2012 - 4:07 pm

      You are welcome. When I first started blogging my poetry, I didn’t add pictures. Then I saw a fellow blogger poet, planaquarium, that had pictures that really complimented his poems. And I thought I want to do that, too. So, I went back and added pictures, and after that I’ve always enjoyed searching for something visual to go with the words. I like that I can amplify, or perhaps sometimes even change, the impact of the poem with the image, now.

      Planaquarium often seemed to write his poems specifically to go with his pictures. Picking out the picture is usually the last thing I do, but sometimes I wonder if I should look for the picture sooner. His blog is gone, now. I wonder what happened to him? I hope he just decided to move his poetry to some other service or something. I worry about what happened to him sometimes, and click to see if his blog has returned every now and then.

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