after 23 years of marriage


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my wife is such a starving Marving
when she needs to eat, she needs to eat
while I’m a puttering procrastinator
forever taking my time searching for a round tuit

after 23 years of marriage, don’t you know
we fit together like peanut butter and apple pie
not exactly Reese’s, a comical combination that is sticky
and confusing, and not exactly one to appeal to the average eye

but marriage isn’t always a romantic bed of roses
and even if it was, wouldn’t all those thorns hurt
when you laid down and they poke you in the butt?
my marriage is more like the only oasis in my endless desert

I remember when we first were walking together in a mall
and she caught my eyes a wandering to a pretty passing skirt
her elbow would fly and hit me in the side
then she would give me a look of such hurt

later, she began to elbow me in mere anticipation of any potential passing flirt
with the scornful accusation, ‘well, I know you were going to look’
but now after all these years when my eyesight has begun to fade
she helpfully points out the pretty girls I overlook, as if I’ve missed reading some good book


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