has the whole solar system gone down hill or what?

A natural colour view of the planet Saturn dur...

A natural colour view of the planet Saturn during equinox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hear they’re selling sex on Saturn’s moons every Saturday
in the ever lovin’ lonely month of May
but only for hot gas giants who know how to self-atomise
and it’s no fair peaking through the rings at the merchandise

let’s all get in our spaceships and go out there
and get down bunny hoppin’ all over Hyperion, so fair
crazy dancin’ and a little frozen methane madness all over Titan town
can really pick up a guy whose  feeling down

and the singing sirens of Venus wail out a commercial comedy hit
about something going down on titillating Titan in a little bit
inviting all from Sol with money to come in for a pitch and a roll
and the tragedy is, don’t you know it, I ain’t got no more dough


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  1. #1 by RKHouse on May 13, 2012 - 8:26 am

    I think one might reasonably conclude after reading this old college poem of mine, that I’d had a little too much or something. However, I don’t drink. So, one can’t explain my whimsical little solar pastiche that easily. I simply have no explanation for it at all. I wonder, if some troll from another planet stuck that poem in my poetry notebook as a joke?

    Original title was “Free for all on Saturn”. My plan has always been to stop posting poems when this old poetry of mine just gets too silly or embarrassingly bad, so you may be wondering, if perhaps, I’ve already gone too far? I know I am wondering. But, hold on to your seats, because I have a whole notebook of my High School poetry, yet to go. I’ve only posted a couple of poems out of that one, so far. So the torture has yet to begin, my friends.

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