it’s getting late now and I’m looking back

Unrequited high school love

Unrequited high school love (Photo credit: jfew)

it’s after dinner now, time to kick off my shoes
and sit down in my comfy reclining chair
with my laptop balanced carefully upon my lap
and my notebook of old poems sitting right there

I look through the old yellowed pages
trying to find something worth blogging about
looking over many old halfhearted college attempts
to capture all my fears and self doubts

and oh so many, many love poems I must have written
saying the same thing over and over again
I wonder who I was really trying to convince
that my deepest unrequited love wasn’t simply all in vain

some poems obviously dating all the way back into my time in high school
where I was introspective and way too self-absorbed
boy, could I really go on and on about myself
now, that is all just leaving me so bored

but here or there I find a little nugget
a line or a phrase that still brings back a memory or a smile
and I spend a few minutes to rework or revise it
and in the end, I guess it all somehow seems worthwhile


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