for the birds

a friend of mine asked me recently
aren’t you afraid someone will steal your words off your blog?
I laughed and said I suppose that’s a possibility
but let me raise a few points with you in dialog

first of all, my words aren’t exactly golden gems, their value is intrinsic to me
these are not words worth stealing, like a letter from Emily Dickinson
my words are more like little trinkets,  keepsakes, mementos or comfort food
you know, this isn’t rocket science and I’m not here shooting off a B meson

Birds eating bread

Birds eating bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so, these are just my humble words
and they’re so common and plain and so distinctly me
that it would be obvious to anyone on this good Earth
that, for these words, only one person bears responsibility

finally, imagine a person so bereft of imagination
that all they could do is to steal someone else’s words
for that person, you would have to have some concern and pity
since that would be like living off bread meant for the birds


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  1. #1 by RKHouse on May 26, 2012 - 12:44 am

    The conversation that was the basis of this poem did happen…

    but, of course, without all the rhyme.
    Do you think that I talk like that all of the time?
    And what’s an original letter from Emily worth anyway?
    Probably, it would be worth more than a year of my pay.

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