for a manhattan callgirl and her piano


think (Photo credit: the|G|™)

she sold the pleasures of her lovely body for money
but never gave away her soul or her true self
to unthinking men, I suppose, just like me
which makes me take a second look at myself

though, I never have actually visited a prostitute
I must admit I never really thought it was something bad
just the worlds oldest profession, I reckoned
in a world that has always seemed a little wacky and mad

but if you read her story of life in Manhattan
I guarantee your thinking will change
all those things you thought were all in their place
suddenly seem to all get up and rearrange

like thinking that paying for sex can be justified
by the desperation of horny testosterone filled men
who look at women ultimately as mere objects, not partners or even as friends
and for who seeing things from the eyes of a woman is forever beyond our ken


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