what puts my heart in such jeopardy?

Kelly Miyahara is on Jeopardy's clue crew. Beh...

Kelly Miyahara is on Jeopardy’s clue crew. Behind her is the elaborate set on which Jeopardy is filming their tournament of champions as well as some celebrity jeopardy segments. Filming is all week here at CES Las Vegas for March TV schedules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

never wait for love to find you
or they may never know that you exist
never hide away safe and secure
or you will never know what you missed

never long for more
when you have already got all that you need
never think you are less
than the fantasies that you like to read

for the world is not a mistake
and evolution doesn’t laugh at us
there has to be a rhyme and a reason
behind all this life and fuss

life is not a game of Jeopardy
and life is not just a quest for a poke
if we only knew the right category
the ultimate answer can not be a joke



  1. #1 by RKHouse on June 1, 2012 - 7:19 am

    This old college poem was originally titled, “never, my friend”. And almost every line had “my friend” at the end. All that and a few repetitive lines got cut.

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