never get in a battle of wits with an unarmed man


maths (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

in a fight, she brings up all the times that I’ve hurt her feelings
perhaps thoughtlessly making a joke at her expense
or cutting off her expression as if it was worthless to me
often making charges for which I have no good defense

sometimes she claims a slight from just the other day
but more often than not she recalls some hurt from so long ago
that I have no memory of what she is even talking about
and I am left at a loss for how to discuss something I don’t even know

it isn’t like she brings up something that is on topic to the discussion
for her mind moves tangentially leaving behind my logic and deduction
for example, if for some reason I am mad at her, then she gets mad at me
and the thing I’m mad about gets brushed aside as an unimportant obstruction

I find that all my years and training in logic and computer science
have left me totally unprepared for this particular battle of wits
for in the end it doesn’t matter what I say or do
there is no possible way for me to win, so I have to call it quits


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