a fire, a play and a dancing red letter A

My senior high school honors English class wrote and put on a silly little play that was a satire on the story of the life of David, but with a lot of slapstick and silly references to all sorts of topics of the day all mixed in. I was the narrator that was supposed to be an old man that came out with a cane at different points in the play and made smart comments about the whole mess. My best friend, David Lewis, was a gentle giant of a kid and he played the role of Goliath. Another friend was only supposed to say a few lines as God.  He didn’t have an acting part, but he came wearing a T-shirt with a big G and a cape so that he would feel in character. Of course, Bathsheba was the lady in the tub and I think she was the one hiding in a closet at some point. Then the narrator comes out of the closet like he has been really busy in there and really wanted to go back. The big red letter dancing A came out dancing across the stage at one point perhaps during an intermission because we were all hoping to get an A for a grade.  Just a bunch of silly fun, but we did get the A.

The play was a big success and the audience really laughed and clapped a lot. The whole thing was a lot of fun. After the play was over, I wrote a poem, “Narrator, Cane and Company”, about it.

English: 5lb. CO2 extinguisher, USA

English: 5lb. CO2 extinguisher, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We also had some excitement during the practice sessions for the play. The curtains had collected dust or something and one of them got too close to a high overhead spot light and caught on fire. Dave and I worked together to get a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. The Assistant Principal of our High School wrote letters to both of our parents, mine stated:

On Tuesday of this week, our school experienced a fire on the stage of our auditorium. Due to the quick action of your son, Ron House, and David Lewis, serious consequences were avoided. They worked together in securing a fire extinguisher and putting out the fire prior to fire and smoke damage occurring and before anyone was injured.

We wish to commend Ron for his alertness and remaining calm during the emergency. Please accept our thanks and extend our best wishes to your son for this assistance during this emergency.



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