she blew over me like the Altamont wind

English: Altamont Pass Wind Farm

English: Altamont Pass Wind Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like the effortless Altamont winds
she spun me up and then blew me away
like a pleasing arrangement of home grown flowers
she was a fleeting most sweetest smelling bouquet

like the summer California sun
she graced the firmament and simply shined
and I knew if I looked directly at her awesome glow
that she couldn’t help but leave me burned and blind

like the winter Sierra snow pack under her rays
my heart melted and simply ran away
into the tremendous power of a Yosemite waterfall
where I was nearly drowned under the spray

then like the gentle pouring rains that turn the hills back to green
she caused a feeling within me to grow until I couldn’t hold it all inside
in the end like the Altamont winds which are now rattling my empty roof gutters
she left me spinning like a turbine blowing in the wind standing out on the hillside


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  1. #1 by RKHouse on June 9, 2012 - 8:08 am

    This poem only vaguely resembles the college original that i started working with tonight. All the California references, for example, are new. So, I’m not certain if this is a revision or a new poem.

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