through her prism

English: Diagram of a dispersion prism Magyar:...

Diagram of a dispersion prism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

one day at college looking at a prism and enjoying the vision
of simple light split into a spectrum of so much more
it was such a beautiful scientific wonder and so beyond amazing
then I realized that I had witnessed this kind of thing before

when she turned my simple boring world of black and white
into a whole spectrum of colors, a rainbow of sheer delight
and everything dull existing in and around me
magically seemed to be imbued with multicolored refracted light

I don’t know the scientific terms to describe what she did to me
but I can say it was not just some seventies disco ball effect
no, it was more like when I was around her my world went through her prism
resulting in something I will never forget, something almost rainbow perfect


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  1. #1 by RKHouse on June 14, 2012 - 10:18 am

    Recently, when I revised an old college poem that became “she blew over me like the Altamont wind”, I cut a stanza from the original that just didn’t fit at all with where I was going with the new revision. But I kinda liked that stanza, so I saved it and tonight that stanza and it became the middle of this poem.

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