amour armor


Armour (Photo credit: Craig Loftus)

I guess I was unprepared
for this kind of amour arms race, my dear
I didn’t know how easily cupid could penetrate
my dark grey suit of thin state-of-the-art kevlar

I wonder if cupid’s bow is now tipped
with serious armor-piercing arrows?
if not, maybe I could don my old shining suit of armor
from chivalric days gone by and once more play the hero

it seems I gave my once mighty mithril metal suit
of knightly armor to the kids so many years ago
and they hung it out in the south corn field
to act as a tall shiny metal scarecrow

it’s probably all rusted and dull now anyways
and antiquated and like me of no use to anyone
and is all still fair in love and war these days?
perhaps, it’s time to fall on my sword and be done


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