I went looking for her

I thought I heard her
call out my name
I was puzzled and wondered
just what was her game

I looked for her in the dark room
full of stacks and boxes of my books
then glanced in the room
where she once liked so much to cook

I thought I smelled her perfume
at the top of the stairs
but of her existence, the three bedrooms up there
now seemed all unawares

then, as if waking from a dream
I remembered that she was now gone
so, I pretended to myself not to care
and let out a slow yawn

then turned off all the lights
as I went back down to my comfy chair
and put on some loud music so if she spoke again
I would no longer be aware


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  1. #1 by Ian Moone on July 3, 2012 - 6:46 am

    a sad one but a good one

    • #2 by RKHouse on July 3, 2012 - 9:25 am

      Thanks. I started out sadly thinking about the loss and emptiness of a seemingly simple thing, a deleted blog. And somehow then went back to the emotions that our family is dealing with from a recent loss. Funny how the mind follows these kinds of pathways. Then, I had a vision of myself in an empty house hearing the voice of my lost love and started writing this poem.

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