mad passionate love

Passionate encounter

Passionate encounter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

her beauty leaves me awestruck
and I can’t put it into words
and I’ve never understood what it has to do
with the bees and the birds

I suppose I should be thinking about making
mad passionate love to her all of the time
but I find myself just wishing to go for a walk
and to hold her hand in mine

wanting to share all of my innermost thoughts
with someone that cares and understands me
and dwell in the beauty that I see inside of her
then together we can make love most passionately



  1. #1 by omgvivienlopez on July 13, 2012 - 10:00 am

    beautiful 🙂

    True Love’s Kiss
    First and last
    Birthday wish
    Rare and soft like bluegrass
    To hold, in his hands
    To see, in his eyes
    To be inside his secret religion
    To be in his vulnerable mayhem and strength of peace in motion
    So we can be one
    True Love’s Kiss
    First, and last, and always

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