wait till your father gets home

Innocent, terrified, childish.

Innocent, terrified, childish. (Photo credit: _behindthesun)

my mother often used a simple threat
whenever us kids got into any trouble
“wait till you father gets home” she said
and that would get our attention on the double

years later, my father told me he really hated
that my mother would use this threat, too
for the first thing he would see when he came home after work
was us kids hiding in fear and waiting for mom to follow through

she would greet him at the door in an angry mood
and “do you know what your children did today?”
were the first words to come out of her mouth
which would make almost anyone just want to turn and run away


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  1. #1 by gladiuspoeticus on July 6, 2012 - 8:55 am

    so recognizable

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