ballad of just another fine day

Yard Work

Yard Work (Photo credit: mbgrigby)

it’s late, late at night
and my daughter is singing like a banshee
there’s nothing I can do but turn over in bed
and say ‘oh, woe is me’

I hear her saying ‘I am not the devil’
which is good to know
although, I already live in a place
where it hardly ever snows

and now that my son
and his dear family have moved out
I am rediscovering what fun
doing my yard work is all about

I am sore in muscles and places
of which modern medicine is unaware
as the yard was a little out of control
which is neither here nor there

I’m sure my neighbors are thinking
that ‘it is about time!’
and in the end, I suppose
everything will turn out to be fine


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