swing low sweet furlough

Federal Workers Protest Government Shutdown

Federal Workers Protest Government Shutdown (Photo credit: cool revolution)

soon I won’t have any money coming in
to pay for my mortgage or food or gas
but on the bright side, I can stay at home
and listen to my wife call me a real pain in the ass

I know the President could end this stalemate
with a phone call to Harry and a stroke of a pen
but I wouldn’t want him to have to go out of his way
and to have it appear that he negotiated or gave in

I understand that little squabbles like this
are an important part of the big scheme of things
just like blocking off WWII outdoor memorials
and making sure that this shutdown really stings

and, of course, the country is really divided
over those who continue to want our government to grow
and those who when it comes to big government and spending
think it is long past time that we just said “No”

heaven forbid we would sit down and try to negotiate
or to see if there is any middle ground where we could meet
better to yell like children and call each other nasty names
and to try to make political points by blaming each other in a tweet


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