space to destroy

so, the mayor of Baltimore city ordered police to stand down
and provide plenty of space for those who wished to destroy
bringing us the sight of so many Baltimore buildings burning
which the anarchists and professional protesters appear to enjoy

how can these sad people be so very criminaly wrong
as to think that looting and rioting are any kind of a proper way
to protest and mourn the mysterious and tragic death
of one man while in police custody named Freddie Gray?

and there is celebration in the rush to judgement of six police officers
of committing murder and manslaughter for the fatal injury
as the same mayor of Baltimore city now says there will be justice
but doesn’t justice mean that we are all innocent until proven guilty?

I don’t think it’s a good time to be a cop or a citizen
in the crazy mixed-up liberal land of liberty and anarchy
whether or not we are talking about the burning of a CVS in Baltimore
or the ultimate fate these anarchists seem to wish for every other American city


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