just a lucky roll of the dice


Dice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose that it’s entirely possible and rational
that our existence comes down to just a lucky roll of the dice
but when I look at this unique and beautiful living planet
it sure makes me shake my head in wonder and think twice

it could be that we are just the most luckiest of sentient species
to be living here and now on this planet in all of space and time
but I wonder if the explanation for our amazing lucky streak
may be the result of something a little more, well dare I say, divine?

as we vainly search the stars and listen with all our technology
only, so far, to find nothing else alive anywhere we look out there
maybe we should all stop for a moment and be a little more thankful
and maybe, just maybe, we should all bow our heads and say a little prayer


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  1. #1 by Ronald Kirk House on May 3, 2015 - 2:01 pm

    In these times, with Christians being beheaded in the middle east and with tragic loss of innocent lives in natural events like earthquakes and volcano eruptions, it’s as hard as ever to have faith in a higher power, I think.

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