lost history

sadly, there is so much now lost and buried
so many long forgotten years of human history
like why ancient people completely buried
the megalithic ruins of Gobekli Tepe

or why someone shaped the beautiful stones
now fallen in disarray in Puma Punku
demonstrating that we can also forget
even the most amazing things we humans do

or how ancient Egyptians engineered and built
the awesome and enigmatic giant pyramid
the meaning and answers to which
now seem to us to be forever hid

or why the Rapa Nui people went to so much effort
to carve and move the hundreds of Moai
and erected these strange colossal statues
with backs to the sea and eyes looking up at the sky

so many civilizations, cultures and lives
that we have lost and long forgot
was it all just wasted time
that, in the end, was all for naught?


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