a better you and me

I wonder, if the nature of sentient life is a path
that is always destined to end in tragedy?
perhaps, we were better off in our distant past
living in the jungle and sleeping up in a tree

do we think we can be saved, in the end
if only we have enough time to invent more technology?
before we destroy each other and all life on this planet
perhaps, we really need to invent a better you and me?

and is our futile yearning for romance and one true love
only a silly modern Disney fantasy?
how sad is it to see all our inner hopes and dreams
come to face with a universe of such harsh reality?

wouldn’t it be better to not know good and evil
and to never experience the depth of human cruelty?
wouldn’t it be better to still be in the garden
simply existing completely naturally?

I look up at the stars but don’t find any answers
only that our purpose and the meaning of life is such a mystery
and I face the bitter knowledge that we would be blissfully unaware
if only we had never eaten from that tree

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