all night and forever in a moment

Last night, I had a dream that our planet was visited by an alien device. People sort of went crazy. There were nations trying to destroy it, other nations trying to destroy each other, while others waited to see what happened. After circumnavigating the planet and seemingly mapping the entire surface, the device began to emit a multicolored beam that turned whole cities into crystalline objects with many facets. The objects then folded onto themselves until whole cities were the size of book which was then absorbed into the alien device.

After the first city was gone, the battle intensified but to no avail. No human weapons had any impact on the alien device. It was like it wasn’t really here. Perhaps, it was safely hidden in some unseen and undiscovered dimension and we were only seeing a mere reflection of the reality of it. It’s hard to say. The device went from city to city and began to empty the planet of all evidence of human life. These were desperate and depressing sights. Humans scattered like cockroaches when the light is turned on at night.

In the end there were a small group of people that believed that they would be chosen to survive. They were wrong, as it turned out. And the alien device swept them away with the rest of humanity. Then it came to be my turn. I had done everything I could think of to save the one that I loved and her children, but there was no defense against the alien device. When the multicolored lights swept over me I felt for a moment that I was like a bug trapped in amber. The lights folded around me in strange angles and then there was complete darkness and I thought it was the end.

Next, I opened my eyes and I was at a beach house with her and I could hear the surf and the children playing. Somehow, I knew I was trapped in a moment of a memory and that I was now nothing more than a hologram stored in the alien device. I looked at her in that moment and smiled thinking that there could be worse places to spend forever. And then I woke up.

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