all night with blossom

I recently had a dream that the Earth was visited by a huge alien spaceship. One day with no warning, the object just appeared suddenly in orbit around the planet. All the peoples of the world were on edge, but for seven days we received no radio or signal communications of any kind from the object. So our scientists trained their telescopes and simply studied the uninvited guest. The ship looked strangely organic, like a huge log surrounded by outreaching leaf-like protrusions. There was no obvious signs of a cockpit or windows or propulsion and no movement other than the well controlled orbit.

After the first week, word quickly spread on TV news that alien envoys were appearing in random spots around the globe. But the reports were sketchy and inconclusive. The aliens weren’t showing up at Capitals or government facilities as one might expect which made the reports all that more mysterious. That afternoon there was a bright flash in my living room and a small foggy cloud formed out of thin air. The cloud swirled and then clumped and congealed into what looked like strands of a plant that was growing rapidly.

Within thirty minutes, as I stood mesmerized with my mouth open, the growth had multiple off-shoots and began to take the shape of two seemingly human-like bodies. After about an hour, there were two fully formed “people” standing in front of me. At least they looked totally human as far as I could tell. The couple appeared to be a male and a female and stood with eyes closed and holding hands. They both looked beautiful, almost too perfect to be real. The girl was stunning with shoulder length wavy hair the color of corn silk and the male looked like he could be her twin though his hair was much shorter. They were wearing simple, tight-fitting white clothes that, like their bodies, had grown in place.

So, far they had made no motion. I could not even tell if they were breathing or not. So, my room was silent because I had turned off the TV as soon as the commotion started. Now it was so quiet that my own breathing and the blood pumping in my body seemed to be loud. I didn’t know what to do, if I should call 911 or what. But something made me just stand there and wait. Then suddenly the girls eyes opened. I gasped and almost jumped. She looked around then focused her beautiful green eyes on me. I involuntarily looked behind me as if thinking she may be looking for someone else.

“Hello”, she said in perfect English. I was so stunned that I didn’t answer. After a moments silence, she turned her head to her companion and asked “Does this one have issues hearing vocal communications?”. The male looked back at her but didn’t say anything. My mouth was open again, I think. “Ah”, she said as she turned back to me. “I understand that this situation is likely far outside of your normal life experiences.”

“You think?” I finally responded, then immediately regretted that my first words to an alien visitor from the stars was so lame. Why couldn’t I have said something like Armstrong stepping on the moon? Except I had no idea what to say. My mind was still trying to adjust to the situation.

“Please relax and be yourself”. she said next. “We have studied your planet and your species and have come in this form to better understand and interact with you”.

“In this form?” I asked raising my eyebrows. She smiled and I immediately wondered how she knew to do that if she wasn’t really human, but it seemed natural. In fact is was a very nice smile. The kind of smile that makes you feel good inside.

“We are different from you. The most similar life form on your planet to us would be … called a plant”. She almost seemed hesitant to make that admission.

“You don’t seem much like our plants. Our plants aren’t sentient or even mobile.” I said and suddenly felt a little strange with the realization that I had potted plants sitting in my living room with us.

She smiled again. “Perhaps, plants on your planet have more intelligence than you are aware of. It’s just different. On our home world millions of years ago, we were once very similar to the plants on this world. Then a tragic gamma ray burst destroyed all of the animal life and much of the plant life. We were forced to evolve to survive and that is when the Mother became what you call sentient. Soon, we left our home world behind. Now Mother travels the stars and we seek out knowledge and other life forms.”

“Fascinating” was all I could think to say.

“We have seven days in this human form and then we will be moving on” she said.

“Just seven days? Why so little time?”

She laughed and I smiled because she had a very pleasing laugh. “The universe is large, very large, even for Mother, and there are so many places to go.”

The prospect of her leaving suddenly made me feel sad and she seemed to pick up on that right away. “We won’t leave you totally alone. Before we leave, Mother will leave a pod hidden somewhere out in your solar system. When your species has reached an appropriately advanced level, you will find the pod and be able to communicate with us again.”

I thought about that for a moment and was tempted to tell her that I was actually thinking more about her staying, not some pod, but then I thought better of it. “So,” I said, “what can I tell you that you don’t already know about us? You seem to have an amazing understanding of humans and certainly my language already.”

“It’s true, we have already accessed all the information that was available that your species has collected and stored in various simple digital forms all over the planet.”

“You mean, like the internet?”

“Yes and more, but we are puzzled by many things for which Mother in all her experience has no analog.”

“Things? Like what?”

“Love. Music. War. Things like that. We have no experience of such things. Despite having access to all of human knowledge, we still do not understand many human concepts. Mother has created us, and many others like us, in human form so that we can better understand.”

I grimaced. “Uh, I’m not sure I can help you. Are you sure I’m the right person to work with? I’m afraid I’d just end up repeating words that you already know to try and explain things like that. But Love? I mean, don’t your species have love? Mother created you? I don’t understand.”

“We don’t have or use any technology like humans. Whatever Mother thinks of, she can, well, just grow. Our ship which feeds on cosmic and solar radiation and can fold space-time, even us. She just wills us to exist and we do. We are a part of her and each other and everything we have is living and interconnected. I don’t think you have an analog for that, do you?”

“No, I guess not, but that does sound really neat.” She laughed again and I thought to myself that I was really going to miss that laugh after seven days.

The next seven days, we talked about everything. I played her some of my favorite selections of music and even pulled out my old guitar. She was a good listener. The male with her also appeared to listen very closely but never spoke a word to me. At night, as it got dark, they both would just seemingly shut down. I wasn’t totally sure if they were somehow drawing upon sunlight for energy in some form of photosynthesis or if they were simply processing the experiences of the day. Maybe, they were even sleeping and dreaming?

The rest of the details of the one week, of what was said and what was done and what was shared and what was not, are left out of this story and are private. And on the last day, after she said it was time for them to go, I told her that I loved her. She hugged me and kissed me goodbye. Then she smiled that smile and told me not to be sad as they both simply dissolved back into a misty cloud and were gone again.

Sigh. She didn’t even have a name, since the aliens didn’t have individual identities like we humans do. Still, after she was gone, I decided to call her Blossom. I’ve always talked to my plants, but now I think I’ll have something more interesting to say to them and I think that I won’t look at flowers quite the same way as I used to.

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