we have nothing to fear but fear itself

it seems now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect
some of our elite citizens are shattered and shaking with fear
and the trend continues that the country is split evenly
with both sides so far apart that they don’t see each other very clearly

those on the left, and anarchists, are already out on the streets rioting
wanting to replace our dear republic with a socialist totalitarian state
while the struggling masses of blue collar people living in middle America
just want to hope that Trump can somehow really make America great

and the hidden and forgotten people that surprised pundits and polls
when they came out of seemingly nowhere to place their secret vote
were also afraid to exercise their right to free speech
for fear of being called a deplorable, misogynist,  racist, xenophobe

as to our debt-ridden, bloated, bureaucratic, big government
we, the people of these United States, have only ourselves to blame
of course, we have nothing to fear but fear itself
when what we should be feeling is failure and shame

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