My Most Liked Songs

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“Well I know it sounds funny
But I’m not in it for the money, no
I don’t need no reputation
And I’m not in it for the show”

from “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)” by The Raspberries

Of course, I’m not hoping for a hit record like the Raspberries wanted so badly, back in ’74. I’m satisfied to have the opportunity to share my words and music. So far, even having a few people (besides my mother) like some of my songs has brought a big smile to this old face.

I don’t find a widget to create a list of “like” counts for a category of posts for me automatically. However, I somehow think this won’t be all that hard for me to keep up-to-date by hand. So far, my song posts have only gotten a handful of likes. I’ve got more than enough fingers to count that high. Anyway, here is the list of songs “liked” by others. If you haven’t listened to any of my songs yet, then you might try starting with one of these. Just click on the “play” button at the bottom of each song post.

  1. Night Love (8)
  2. The Silly Sunbeam Song (8)
  3. You Don’t Look So Bad (8)
  4. A Reason (6)
  5. Waiting for So Long (5)
  6. The Most Beautiful Girl (5)
  7. Song of Man (4)
  8. Lori Lorelei (4)
  9. Christmas Time (4)
  10. Love is Blind (3)
  11. Please be true (2)
  12. In the Summertime (1)

I wonder. If I knew that thirty years later I would be able to post and share my songs, would I have worked a little harder on them? Probably not. I was only having fun after all. And now, I’m having more fun sharing them.

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