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nobody takes on the Galactic Empire

I had a dream last night.

A large starship from the Galactic Empire circles Earth. Normally such a backwards planet as ours would go unnoticed, but it seems we’ve been unwisely advertising our existence with wild random radio and television broadcasts for many years now. These broadcasts were unregistered and interfered with a nearby Galactic Empire communications substation. Bureaucrats, being one of the things that all advanced civilizations have in common, had sent a ship to clear out the disturbance and impose fines.

After a few orbits, it was determined that Earth posed no threat to the Galactic Empire and was not worthy of further time. Our technology was laughable and our planet ordinary and too far out from the center of the empire. Still, a small ship was sent to collect a random sample of Earthlings for medical study and to see if they could possibly be of any use as trained slaves of the empire. Although, the captain of the ship was highly dubious.

One of the people collected was Chuck Greer. His real name was Roy, but he was given the nickname of Chuck by friends because his facial features bore some similarity with a woodchuck. Chuck was a cook at a dive of a dinner. The kind that just says “Eats” in flickering neon lights overhead. He was caught in stasis by the aliens while still holding a meat cleaver and smoking a cigarette. Upon initial testing back on the spaceship, it was found that Chuck’s level of intelligence was so low that the normal slave control bands were not operable. So, the technician performing the alien tests determined that Chuck should simply be tossed into space with the other garbage.

As it turns out, Chuck was a big rotund man and got temporarily stuck in the garbage tube. This obesity problem was lucky for Chuck since it saved his life that day. He managed to squirm and work his way out and began exploring the ship. This set off intrusion alarms and Chuck was chased into a section of the ship that was off-limits and darkened. The guards didn’t bother to follow him at that point, chuckling to themselves that the princess would take care of him.

At that time the empire was ruled by green snake like creatures that had glowing red eyes and could control minds of all other species in the empire. They were much feared and virtually immortal. In fact, the only known way to kill them was to cut off their heads, which is what Chuck accidentally did with his meat cleaver to the princess as he stumbled in the dark. He then picked up the snake like head and looked into the glowing eyes out of curiosity which caused some of the royal powers of the princess to be passed on to him.

With his new powers he found that he was able to command the princesses royal escape ship to disengage from the main starship. This was not an unusual event, but eyebrows were raised when the royal ship crashed back into the mother ship as if piloted by a total incompetent. Now, back on board Chuck grabbed a weapon from the royal ship before following his nose to the galley with the intention of saving earth from the aliens. Once there, he began to shoot wildly at the aliens, only to find that they were all protected by some kind of force field. In desperation, Chuck twisted a selector on the weapon and discovered that only royal weapons could defeat the shields. Much to the surprise of the aliens in the galley, Chuck managed to take out a significant portion of the crew.

I then woke up, leaving the adventures of a nobody taking on a Galactic Empire unfinished.


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all night with blossom

I recently had a dream that the Earth was visited by a huge alien spaceship. One day with no warning, the object just appeared suddenly in orbit around the planet. All the peoples of the world were on edge, but for seven days we received no radio or signal communications of any kind from the object. So our scientists trained their telescopes and simply studied the uninvited guest. The ship looked strangely organic, like a huge log surrounded by outreaching leaf-like protrusions. There was no obvious signs of a cockpit or windows or propulsion and no movement other than the well controlled orbit.

After the first week, word quickly spread on TV news that alien envoys were appearing in random spots around the globe. But the reports were sketchy and inconclusive. The aliens weren’t showing up at Capitals or government facilities as one might expect which made the reports all that more mysterious. That afternoon there was a bright flash in my living room and a small foggy cloud formed out of thin air. The cloud swirled and then clumped and congealed into what looked like strands of a plant that was growing rapidly.

Within thirty minutes, as I stood mesmerized with my mouth open, the growth had multiple off-shoots and began to take the shape of two seemingly human-like bodies. After about an hour, there were two fully formed “people” standing in front of me. At least they looked totally human as far as I could tell. The couple appeared to be a male and a female and stood with eyes closed and holding hands. They both looked beautiful, almost too perfect to be real. The girl was stunning with shoulder length wavy hair the color of corn silk and the male looked like he could be her twin though his hair was much shorter. They were wearing simple, tight-fitting white clothes that, like their bodies, had grown in place.

So, far they had made no motion. I could not even tell if they were breathing or not. So, my room was silent because I had turned off the TV as soon as the commotion started. Now it was so quiet that my own breathing and the blood pumping in my body seemed to be loud. I didn’t know what to do, if I should call 911 or what. But something made me just stand there and wait. Then suddenly the girls eyes opened. I gasped and almost jumped. She looked around then focused her beautiful green eyes on me. I involuntarily looked behind me as if thinking she may be looking for someone else.

“Hello”, she said in perfect English. I was so stunned that I didn’t answer. After a moments silence, she turned her head to her companion and asked “Does this one have issues hearing vocal communications?”. The male looked back at her but didn’t say anything. My mouth was open again, I think. “Ah”, she said as she turned back to me. “I understand that this situation is likely far outside of your normal life experiences.”

“You think?” I finally responded, then immediately regretted that my first words to an alien visitor from the stars was so lame. Why couldn’t I have said something like Armstrong stepping on the moon? Except I had no idea what to say. My mind was still trying to adjust to the situation.

“Please relax and be yourself”. she said next. “We have studied your planet and your species and have come in this form to better understand and interact with you”.

“In this form?” I asked raising my eyebrows. She smiled and I immediately wondered how she knew to do that if she wasn’t really human, but it seemed natural. In fact is was a very nice smile. The kind of smile that makes you feel good inside.

“We are different from you. The most similar life form on your planet to us would be … called a plant”. She almost seemed hesitant to make that admission.

“You don’t seem much like our plants. Our plants aren’t sentient or even mobile.” I said and suddenly felt a little strange with the realization that I had potted plants sitting in my living room with us.

She smiled again. “Perhaps, plants on your planet have more intelligence than you are aware of. It’s just different. On our home world millions of years ago, we were once very similar to the plants on this world. Then a tragic gamma ray burst destroyed all of the animal life and much of the plant life. We were forced to evolve to survive and that is when the Mother became what you call sentient. Soon, we left our home world behind. Now Mother travels the stars and we seek out knowledge and other life forms.”

“Fascinating” was all I could think to say.

“We have seven days in this human form and then we will be moving on” she said.

“Just seven days? Why so little time?”

She laughed and I smiled because she had a very pleasing laugh. “The universe is large, very large, even for Mother, and there are so many places to go.”

The prospect of her leaving suddenly made me feel sad and she seemed to pick up on that right away. “We won’t leave you totally alone. Before we leave, Mother will leave a pod hidden somewhere out in your solar system. When your species has reached an appropriately advanced level, you will find the pod and be able to communicate with us again.”

I thought about that for a moment and was tempted to tell her that I was actually thinking more about her staying, not some pod, but then I thought better of it. “So,” I said, “what can I tell you that you don’t already know about us? You seem to have an amazing understanding of humans and certainly my language already.”

“It’s true, we have already accessed all the information that was available that your species has collected and stored in various simple digital forms all over the planet.”

“You mean, like the internet?”

“Yes and more, but we are puzzled by many things for which Mother in all her experience has no analog.”

“Things? Like what?”

“Love. Music. War. Things like that. We have no experience of such things. Despite having access to all of human knowledge, we still do not understand many human concepts. Mother has created us, and many others like us, in human form so that we can better understand.”

I grimaced. “Uh, I’m not sure I can help you. Are you sure I’m the right person to work with? I’m afraid I’d just end up repeating words that you already know to try and explain things like that. But Love? I mean, don’t your species have love? Mother created you? I don’t understand.”

“We don’t have or use any technology like humans. Whatever Mother thinks of, she can, well, just grow. Our ship which feeds on cosmic and solar radiation and can fold space-time, even us. She just wills us to exist and we do. We are a part of her and each other and everything we have is living and interconnected. I don’t think you have an analog for that, do you?”

“No, I guess not, but that does sound really neat.” She laughed again and I thought to myself that I was really going to miss that laugh after seven days.

The next seven days, we talked about everything. I played her some of my favorite selections of music and even pulled out my old guitar. She was a good listener. The male with her also appeared to listen very closely but never spoke a word to me. At night, as it got dark, they both would just seemingly shut down. I wasn’t totally sure if they were somehow drawing upon sunlight for energy in some form of photosynthesis or if they were simply processing the experiences of the day. Maybe, they were even sleeping and dreaming?

The rest of the details of the one week, of what was said and what was done and what was shared and what was not, are left out of this story and are private. And on the last day, after she said it was time for them to go, I told her that I loved her. She hugged me and kissed me goodbye. Then she smiled that smile and told me not to be sad as they both simply dissolved back into a misty cloud and were gone again.

Sigh. She didn’t even have a name, since the aliens didn’t have individual identities like we humans do. Still, after she was gone, I decided to call her Blossom. I’ve always talked to my plants, but now I think I’ll have something more interesting to say to them and I think that I won’t look at flowers quite the same way as I used to.

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all night trapped in-between

I had a dream last night where I got sucked into a twilight zone world down in-between and under the floor boards. It turned out there were a lot of people there that were wondering around emotionless and having been converted into a tiny cartoon-like replicas of their original selves. Each had an assigned role to do. They took me around and had me try my hand at various jobs. My first job was to sit in front of a large fish tank and to try to communicate with the fish in the tank. After awhile someone would come, shake their heads and then tell me to follow them to my next assignment. Apparently, I was not working out at anything in this strange place. I wondered how I was ever going to get free and return to the real world.

Eventually, I ended up as a failure back in front of the fish tank. I would try to talk with them but the fish only opened their mouths and blew bubbles at me, seemingly amused that I was back. After some time, I accidentally discovered that I could sing to the fish and they would respond by saying “oh my”. Someone showed up to investigate the noise and said that obviously I should be assigned to sing in the empty opera hall. I didn’t want to do that, so I sang out to them that I wanted to stay and talk to the fish. When the sound waves of my voice hit the person, they disappeared with a pop and returned back to the real world, freed from the strange cartoon-like existence.

I knew what I should do next, so I ran everywhere, singing to everyone that I could find to free them too. People were popping out right and left and lots of people were chasing me. They shouted that I should stop because I had not been assigned to do that. Finally, the place was empty and I popped back myself. I remember thinking to myself with satisfaction as I walked away that I should now say something appropriate, like “there’s no place like home”, but I just said, “oh, I miss the fish.”


all night and forever in a moment

Last night, I had a dream that our planet was visited by an alien device. People sort of went crazy. There were nations trying to destroy it, other nations trying to destroy each other, while others waited to see what happened. After circumnavigating the planet and seemingly mapping the entire surface, the device began to emit a multicolored beam that turned whole cities into crystalline objects with many facets. The objects then folded onto themselves until whole cities were the size of book which was then absorbed into the alien device.

After the first city was gone, the battle intensified but to no avail. No human weapons had any impact on the alien device. It was like it wasn’t really here. Perhaps, it was safely hidden in some unseen and undiscovered dimension and we were only seeing a mere reflection of the reality of it. It’s hard to say. The device went from city to city and began to empty the planet of all evidence of human life. These were desperate and depressing sights. Humans scattered like cockroaches when the light is turned on at night.

In the end there were a small group of people that believed that they would be chosen to survive. They were wrong, as it turned out. And the alien device swept them away with the rest of humanity. Then it came to be my turn. I had done everything I could think of to save the one that I loved and her children, but there was no defense against the alien device. When the multicolored lights swept over me I felt for a moment that I was like a bug trapped in amber. The lights folded around me in strange angles and then there was complete darkness and I thought it was the end.

Next, I opened my eyes and I was at a beach house with her and I could hear the surf and the children playing. Somehow, I knew I was trapped in a moment of a memory and that I was now nothing more than a hologram stored in the alien device. I looked at her in that moment and smiled thinking that there could be worse places to spend forever. And then I woke up.

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all night on the far side of the crazy galaxy

Last night I dreamed that I was homesteading on the far side of the galaxy.  Things were not working out because the area around the home was slowly being flooded by a noxious gas.  The gas was so thick that it was like an expanding balloon.  I remember feeling bad that we were going to have to leave all our hard work behind, abandon our beautiful home and the strange planet we were trying to live on and return to our planet of origin.

The night before that, I had dreamed that I bought a second Dodge Challenger.  This one was a convertible (which they don’t make) in bright Header Orange.   It had full bench seats in white leather with a big pleated pattern and Plum Crazy purple trim.  Perhaps, color coordination is a skill that I lack while dreaming?  I was driving around and working as a spy.  Although, not a good spy, my attempt at covert hiding was to simply lay down in the bench seats.

Speaking of spying, as I slept late this morning, I dreamed that I was living underground in caves.  I hate caves.  I don’t even like the idea that there may be caves underneath me in the ground.  I guess humans in the distant past in my dream had escaped an apocalypse by moving into these caves.   I was being sent by the group I was living with to spy upon another group.  My group was led by these young girls, who I later realized were descendants of cheerleaders.  The queen that was in charge was the one that sent me on my mission because I was expendable, no doubt.  I woke up before I could complete my mission.  So much left undone in the world of dreams, it seems.


linger on

English: World Bodypainting Festival Asia . Da...

World Bodypainting Festival Asia . Day Two. Nude woman with blonde hair with large bodypainting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

she came to me in a dream last night
and everything was all right

her silky soft golden hair
was alive and flowing
and she was all smiles
and giggling and glowing

despite all the years gone by
she was as beautiful as ever
and I hoped that this time
she would stay with me forever

she came to me in a dream last night
and everything was all right

at first, she demurred
then looked at me and smiled
and when she reached out to me
I was left happily beguiled

in the morning, I slowly awoke
and she and the dream were all but gone
except for the misty memory of a magic moment
that in my heart will forever linger on

she came to me in a dream last night
and everything was all right

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the night of the plasmoid invaders

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tard...

The Mark 2 fibreglass (Tom Yardley-Jones) Tardis as used in the 1980s – photo taken by me Zir 23:49, 18 May 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I dreamed that I was the Doctor last night. I landed in a secret government facility in the States with the TARDIS and decided to go for a tour. I didn’t have any companions with me, which is unusual. Perhaps, both my two hearts had been broken recently or something. Of course, pretty quickly I notice that things seem to be odd. People were complaining that workers at the site are acting strangely and are not themselves. There is fear in the air. This only peaks my interest, of course.

So, I seek out someone who has first hand experience with the strange phenomenon. I convince them, against their better judgement, to take me to see for myself. The people were working in a small test nuclear reactor building. As soon as I saw the people there I could tell something was very wrong. They didn’t look normal and were acting very strangely. However, I went right up to them and began asking what they were doing and acting as if I didn’t really notice anything wrong.

Many of the people ignored me, but I managed to get one woman to talk to me. Well, she didn’t really say much, just that I was not supposed to be there and that she would escort me out. I wasn’t having any of that so I pushed my way further into the facility looking for the control room. At that point two men who seemingly were standing guard outside of the control room looked at me and made a strange gurgling sound. It was a horrific sight, as a rush of some strange viscous liquid poured out of their mouths and began to pool in front of them taking shape into some large protoplasm with many pseudopods reaching out in my direction. As the liquid rushed out, their human bodies seemed to collapse like the air going out of balloon. “Excuse me,” I said, “wrong door!” and turned to rush back out.

I ran right into the woman. “You can’t leave now that you know that we are not human,” she said without emotion.

“I thought as much. You are not from Earth, so what planetary system are you from?”

“We are Plasmoids. We will have to take your body now.”

“Oh, I’d rather you didn’t”, I said. “I’ve grown rather fond of this one”, I smiled and I pulled on my bow-tie for emphasis. “Perhaps we should talk. I’d like to help you, if I can. If you would just tell me what you are doing here”, I said glancing back in the direction of the control room, “and what you need. This planet is under my protection, you know. I am the Doctor.”

Apparently, the Plasmoids, wherever they were from, hadn’t heard of me. That was a little deflating, but I pushed on. As I got the woman to open up and talk a little more I could see that she was conflicted. Perhaps, being in human form was affecting her in some way and maybe I could use that to my advantage. However, before I could save the world, I woke up. Gee, now that’s horrifying. Who is going to save us now?

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the night of the song of tears


Tears (Photo credit: TimOve)

I had a sad dream last night. I met a girl on a cobblestone street that I thought I had once known in my youth. She kept half of her face covered and was hard to recognize, so that I wasn’t sure. But when she talked her voice was like music in my ears. I wanted to hold her hand but she ran away. Then from a distance I saw her in a window in a tower. Her face was uncovered and I could see that she was terribly burned. She began to sing a beautiful song, as tears from the pain of the scars of the burns streamed out of the side of her face that wasn’t burned. I can’t remember the song, but I remember one line was “take me to the highway, and let us get away”. I couldn’t stand to see her in such pain, so I turned away with my own tears before I woke up.


take me to the highway


Tears (Photo credit: TimOve)

with a sweet voice she said
take me to the highway
and please to hold my hand
and we’ll both be on our way

we’ll leave far behind
all of our pains and scars
as our spirits travel together
to the distant beautiful stars

and as our souls left the Earth
she gently began to sing
with such a tender heavenly sound
that I knew I was doing the right thing

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all night on the love boat

Cruise Ship - Celebrity Infinity

Cruise Ship – Celebrity Infinity (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Last night, I dreamed that my life was in danger and I was trying to hide from someone.  I slipped onto a cruise ship and attempted to blend in with all the passengers.  But, to my dismay I found myself in some kind of old Jack Lemmon comedy, because I was on a cruise ship full of naked swingers.  All I wanted to do was find a place to get some rest and sleep, which made me stand out.  Bizarre hilarity ensues as I go all over the ship, from the lounge chairs on the deck to the bowels of the engine room, trying to sleep, only to encounter swingers with other things in mind.  I go searching all over different deck levels, from the cafeteria to shower rooms, and I can’t find a place to be alone.

Finally, I wake up and I immediately think, “how do I get back on that ship?”  This gives “The Love Boat” a whole new meaning for me.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real cruise ships, living or dead, is purely coincidental and only in my dreams.

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the night of childhood fears revisited

English: Don't waste your time and do your hom...

English: Don’t waste your time and do your homework! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, I dreamed that I was back in high school. I think it was a 9th grade English class. I had a big semester project that was due in a few days, but I hadn’t even started on it yet. I was supposed to have been writing a thirty page autobiography paper, but it didn’t interest me and so I had totally avoided it. In class, I was trying to hide the fact that I was really sweating and scared from my teacher’s all seeing eyes. I really liked her because she was pretty and often wore short skirts. So, usually this was my favorite class. But today, all I could think about was the trouble I was going to be in and my mind imagined the look on her face when she discovered my utter failure. Then I became aware that she was asking for “previews” starting tomorrow. Each of us were going to have to stand up in front of the class and read a couple of pages of our papers. Uh oh. That was going to be a real problem for me, and of course, I was on the list for tomorrow. That night I was torturing myself trying to think of something to write for the next day when I woke up.

Fifty two years old and I’m still dreaming about wasting my time not doing my homework and the fear of being caught unprepared in school?  I wonder if there is such a thing as Post Scholastic Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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the night of not wanting to be touched

English: Fungus, Huntly, Banbridge (2) Resembl...

English: Fungus, Huntly, Banbridge (2) Resembling something from a 50’s science-fiction film, this jelly-like fungus was growing on dead wood beside the old railway 921790. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I dreamed last night that I was meeting my old best friend from high school, David. We were going to an all night science fiction film festival. We hadn’t seen each other since high school and we had some catching up to do before the first movie started. So, we were sitting outside the theater on a bench talking when a person walked by that looked very strange. The person was covered with what looked like a dark green fungus and their eyes where blacked out so that it was obvious they couldn’t see. They were walking with their arms outstretched. At first we thought it was someone acting like a zombie for some horror movie festival or something. I don’t like horror movies. We continued talking and David told me that he had inherited a lot of money and was going to England to study. Then we noticed that when the strange walking person touched someone else the person they touched was rapidly covered with the same alien green fungus and also began walking around blindly. It happened so fast they barely had time to cry out.  We looked at each other and said let’s get out of here. I patted David on the shoulder and wished him luck as we separated to leave. On the way out the the theater I ran into another old friend, Gail. I ran up to her and gave her a hug and kiss. She was unaware of the situation, so I quickly told her what we had seen. Just then a large crowd came out of a theater yelling and screaming and we were swept along and separated. I never saw her again after that.

Outside the theater, I watched more and more people turned into these green fungus covered zombies walking blindly in the streets. I ran to the nearest police station and was trying to explain the situation but they thought I was crazy. Just then the first infected person was let in the front door and the infection quickly began to spread. I escaped and made my way to a cliff thinking that since they couldn’t see I would be safer there. Of course, blind people can’t see where they are going, so there were still people there. I was working my way over a ledge and trying to figure out how to climb down to below when I woke up.

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the night of paranoid probabilities

Delphi, Greece

Delphi, Greece (Photo credit: Mr G’s Travels)

Last night I dreamed that I had returned to Tennessee and was looking for a job, but wherever I went my efforts were being sabotaged by some unseen entity. I had spent the last ten years of my life working on a huge computer modeling system for the government. We called it Delphi, the Probability Machine. I was the creator and chief systems architect for the system. Originally, it was designed to model scenarios and probabilities for the Department of Defense. For example, what might happen if two nuclear tipped missiles were lost in the Mediterranean Sea from an aircraft carrier? Delphi would model and predict how fast our enemies, from terrorist groups to foreign countries, would find out about the incident and how they would respond to it. Over time, though, Delphi was tied directly into huge information gathering systems at the National Security Agency. It began modeling more and more activities and scenarios that were not specifically defense related. Recently, the administration began using it to predict how the population would respond to their actions and what they needed to do to get re-elected and stay in power. I realized that Delphi was being misused and was trying to think of what I should do about it, when Delphi predicted that I was a threat and would try to shut it down. So, I was fired from my job and lost my clearance, which was how I had found myself back in Tennessee with everyone seemingly against me. How could I compete against my own creation that could predict everything that I was likely do before I could even think to do it myself?

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the night of the lessons of the spinning vortex of time

Time Selector

Time Selector (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

I had this dream last night that time was not linear but was like a spinning vortex that could be traversed given the correct entry point. I somehow found an point in time that was represented in an object that I could touch whereupon my awareness was propelled back into a point in my past. Each time that I touched the object, I seemed to be drawn to a nexus point in my past that represented something that I had done wrong or not done. So, with my new awareness, I tried to make things better, but things kept unfolding in new ways that were unanticipated and somehow just as wrong or worse. Then, I was returned to the present.  I went through this whole process, looping over and over again, until I finally returned one last time to the point where I discovered the object and I destroyed it in order to set things all back as they were. When my awareness returned to the present for the final time, I was in a room with all of my best friends from various points in my life, now all old like myself, including the one I loved most. I went to each of my friends and shook hands or hugged and then sat down next to my love and smiled before waking up.

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