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purty ride

2015-01-18 13.37.11

photo by R K House

outside it might be foggy and a little cold
and I am balding, graying and getting old
but my Dodge Challenger is a sweet purty ride
and she sure makes me feel really good inside




me and my dodge


My 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT (photo by R K House)

I’ve wanted to get a Dodge Challenger
ever since the retro style model came out
but I didn’t think that I should
since it wasn’t practical without a doubt

I loved my Chevy Camaro Z28 with H.O. engine
that I bought after I graduated college in 1984
but she was stolen from in front of my apartment
sometime in 1986 and I never saw her anymore

I almost cried when the police didn’t bother to come
as I called to report my loss on the telephone
“thar’s two interstates running through Knoxville”
the Sheriff said “so, son your car is long, long gone”

I bought a Maxda RX7 with Wankle rotary engine
and even another Camaro or two after that
but I swore to never fall in love again with my car
because I was hurt and that’s the sad fact

when I got my 2004 Inferno Red PT Cruiser
it was always a mixture of love and hate
I loved the function and retro style
but the under-powered engine just didn’t rate

now, I finally have my Dodge Challenger
and I’d love to call up my dad and tell him
all about me and my Dodge and about how
I’m back where I once was all over again

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cool day

2013-06-15 18.13.39

Half Moon Bay (photo by R K House)

it was just a cool and cloudy day
at my favorite spot at Half Moon Bay

so, I sat myself down on the sandy beach
with the roaring waves just out of reach

and listened to the soothing sound
of the Earth and moon spinning around

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my room

My room, photo by RK House.

My room, photo by RK House.

I feel safe and secure, alone in my room
listening to my power pop music play
relaxing and typing on my laptop
daydreaming in private is the only way

I think I should turn on my lava lamp
but I’m too lazy to get up out of my chair
so, I’ll watch my globe change color
close my eyes and let my mind roam elsewhere

periodic waves of the universe are lapping
on the beaches surrounding my private island
as I leave my body and go for a galactic swim
with my spirit skinny dipping as my thoughts expand

finally returning to the music playing in my room
where I fall asleep for a little afternoon nap
it’s too bad I don’t get the benefits of exercise
sitting in my room taking my mental interstellar lap

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together we cling

couple at Half Moon Bay sunset

couple at Half Moon Bay sunset (photo by RK House)

crashing waves resonate
as together we cling
watching the warm yellow sun set
and listening to our joined hearts sing

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