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I saw her last night

“were you not going to talk to me?”
she asked with an accusing look on her face
I stood like a frozen rock tugged by a black hole
across a vast distance of time and space

she was even more beautiful than I remembered
and after all the years, I wondered how this could be so
maybe, my vision was distorted by remnants of my memories of her
that, like everything else, had faded long ago

so, we sat down and talked holding hands
and I gently stoked her face asking her what was wrong
then we were in each others arms fiercely hugging
and I felt better than I had for so very long

I held her as close as I could
and I promised to never let her go again
but there was really nothing I could do
as I woke up and the dream came to an end


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dark matter

so, this dark matter stuff has gravity
lots of it that exists where it shouldn’t be

for it appears by all accounts that nothing is there
and if not for the gravity we would be left totally unaware

physicists mostly think this is caused by undiscovered particles
at least, that’s what I read in simple layman articles

but I wonder if this unexplained gravity is leaking through
from another parallel universe just out of our view

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for she is deceit

it’s the same old story
and the details are gory

better left to your imagination
just another tale of temptation

in the end, she broke his heart
which isn’t the worst part

for she is deceit
and now he is dead meat

roadkill on the highway of life
run over by his own dear wife

of course, life sucks and then you die
bye bye, baby, bye bye

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one summer day

one summer day
I will finally find her
my one and only true soul mate
and a special love that will forever endure

one summer day
she will finally be mine
and then we will be together
holding hands until the end of time

one summer day
we’ll walk off into the setting sunshine
and everything in the world
will suddenly be so fine

one sumer day, one summer day, one summer day

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we have nothing to fear but fear itself

it seems now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect
some of our elite citizens are shattered and shaking with fear
and the trend continues that the country is split evenly
with both sides so far apart that they don’t see each other very clearly

those on the left, and anarchists, are already out on the streets rioting
wanting to replace our dear republic with a socialist totalitarian state
while the struggling masses of blue collar people living in middle America
just want to hope that Trump can somehow really make America great

and the hidden and forgotten people that surprised pundits and polls
when they came out of seemingly nowhere to place their secret vote
were also afraid to exercise their right to free speech
for fear of being called a deplorable, misogynist,  racist, xenophobe

as to our debt-ridden, bloated, bureaucratic, big government
we, the people of these United States, have only ourselves to blame
of course, we have nothing to fear but fear itself
when what we should be feeling is failure and shame

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the one that got away

“Good Morning, my little fishy!”
“It looks like another wonderful day.”
I say as I give them some flakes of food
before I go off on my way

they swim around earnestly
and chase each other for fun
which makes me stop and wonder
if they are just looking for someone

maybe, they are all lovesick and lonely
forever searching the tank all day
filled with old longings and regret
thinking about the one that got away

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you and me and alternative reality

just between you and me
I feel we’re caught
in an alternative reality

any day now, time will suddenly reset
and all the tears and hardship
we will immediately forget

so much that happened will just cease to exist
like a standard science fiction plot
that ends with a warp back in time twist

of course that’s just wishful thinking on my part
even if I had the power to change time
I wouldn’t have the heart

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to say on father’s day

last night, I was eating corn
at our local Golden Corral buffet
although father’s lips would puff up
I remember he loved to eat it anyway

whenever I would call him on the phone
he was always there with good advice
and willing to go out of his way
to help me which was so very nice

as a young child in his household
it’s true that he seemed pretty strict
but later I became a father too and knew
all was done with love for my own benefit

today, like many days, I’m thinking of my father
and missing him because he has passed away
leaving me filled with so many thoughts
so much, that I would want to say

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the wonder of words

as I read and ponder between the poetry lines
the words like hands impress and caress me
a gentle voice spoken aloud in my heart
echoing across a chamber once so empty and lonely

words that reach across this vast expanse
and entangle with me through space and time
overlapping the holograms at the edges of existence
as if imprinted through me in starlight line by line

until the moment when the words linger like a rainbow
appearing with wonder in the azure skies in my mind
and I question if they will soon fade in the sun
or forever exist within me until the end of time

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the tiger barb mob

2016-03-26 15.53.07in my aquarium tank
the tiger barb mob
chase each other around
like it is their only job

and my dwarf neon rainbow fish
seem a little confused
acting just like my tiger barbs
which has me all amused

after eating time is over
they all search for places to hide
under every nook and cranny
they just chill out and glide

at times the mob can be a little ornery
like a group of school age boys
looking for girls with pigtails to pull
but that’s why they have each other to annoy

still they give me a lot of relaxing pleasure
as I sit and watch them play
and it is as good a way as I can imagine
to bring an end to my stressful day

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he’s dead, Jim

my old MSI laptop recently began acting a little weird
which I attributed to the free upgrade to Windows 10
so, I wiped everything away and installed a Linux OS
which was working great until the very end
when the old machine just refused to boot anymore
and the hard disk wouldn’t even spin
I tried but couldn’t coax out even a little beep
and so I realized it was time to buy a new laptop again

oh how I’ll miss my old keyboard, I feared
because they don’t make them like that much anymore
now the keys are mostly chiclet island buttons
a style that I kinda really abhor
until I bought my new Dell XPS 13 ultrabook
and found a new laptop that I really adore
it’s well built and has a really beautiful screen
and so, I really couldn’t ask for anything more


plunder to pay for it all

once, when the Roman Emperor and Senators
wanted to buy off the people with bread and circuses
they just sent out their legions to conquer and plunder
to take the money needed to build a coliseum or provide services

now, our leaders just tax and spend and print more money
and when that still isn’t enough money to pay for it all
they borrow and plunder from our own children’s future
which I fear can only lead to our society’s ultimate downfall



searching without looking
hunting without any prey
knocking with no answer
speaking with nothing to say

dancing with no partner
hoping without any hope
yearning without learning
laughing without understanding the joke

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a cold dark nothing

it sounds like it’s raining hard outside
or maybe that’s all in my head
my room somehow seems smaller today
so, I think I’ll go back to bed

then I dream that I’m back at our family cabin
surrounded by the green trees of Tennessee
my father is trying to stop the flooding
the source of which is just a mystery

next, I hear someone crying in the distance
but I don’t have my glasses, so I can’t see
and I hear the sound of tears falling
that plop and echo eerily

I have the weird feeling that I’m missing something
something that should be important to me
but my searching mind comes up with nothing
only a cold dark nothing that is silent and empty

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