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Jerry carries The Midnight Snack, unaware of T...

Jerry carries The Midnight Snack, unaware of Tom following him. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

once, I was without you
and I didn’t even care
I didn’t know about you
I was totally unaware

and all the time without you
I didn’t know I was lost and nowhere
I didn’t dream about you
I didn’t even dare

until one day, I came upon you
too perfect to be real
for the first time, I was lonely
for the first time, I could feel

every little thought became all about you
every morning, every night and every day
all I could focus on was you
as if the whole world went away

and now I know that I love you
even though there is no way
for me to ever get to know you
since, you won’t give me the time of day

so, I must now go on without you
although, I know that you are there
I will never be able to reach out and touch you
because, of my existence, you are mostly unaware


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something that is something

repetition of life... nothing new under the sun

repetition of life… nothing new under the sun (Photo credit: jimpg2_Very busy)

so often I’ve heard it said
that there is nothing new under the sun
but combine a little of this and a little of that
with a touch of us and just a little inspiration

and you could end up with something that is something
and that only you could have ever possibly arranged
but of course nothing is created or destroyed
in the end, it is only continually changed

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vacuum packed and sealed in plastic

Sunset behind the remaining three of Bristol's...

Sunset behind the remaining three of Bristol’s “Seven Sisters”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

she was the warm tropical air
gathering her forces as if preparing for a storm
then she blew over me like a category 5 hurricane
from which nothing of me escaped harm

she was the sun setting on a moonless night
that left my world almost totally dark
and I was struggling in the cold to start a fire
but unable to find a match to even light a spark

she left me vacuum packed and sealed in plastic
forgotten and stored up on guest room closet shelf
not really a good feeling
in and of itself

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let me be

Atlas sculpture, New York City, by sculptor Le...

Atlas sculpture, New York City, by sculptor Lee Lawrie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

let me be
an individual not a cog
in a collective machine

let me create
and innovate
for my own sake

I will not ask
anyone to be my slave
and I will not be a slave to anyone

I will bow down
to no state
and to no one else

so give me life, liberty
and freedom to pursue happiness
as it is my unalienable right

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this place is a zoo

English: Cary Quad (formally Franklin Levering...

English: Cary Quad (formally Franklin Levering Cary Quadrangle), a student residence hall on the campus of Purdue in West Lafayette. Spitzer Court is the open courtyard within the quad. Photo looks north from Stadium Avenue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

living in the zoo
can be rather fun
of course, there are some rules
and some homework to be done

but things are hectic
living caged here
somebody is yelling
nearly every day of the year

frisbees are flying
down the narrow halls
stereos spend all night
beating on dorm room walls

and every weekend
watch out without a doubt
because that’s the time
when the zoo lets out

roaming the streets
looking to score some sorority panties
loudly serenading all the girls
and jealous of the fraternities

so, just don’t feed the zoo animals
and yes, good girls should be wary
because you’re entering the zoo
when you’re coming to visit someone at Cary

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it’s an old story

Finger, pointing

Finger, pointing (Photo credit: Joelk75)

so, my one true love does not exist
she faded away like the early morning mist
and left without so much as an ironic twist

the fungus grows amid chapters of rotting decay
the plot line is pain and words turn to gray
as the memory lingers and hope slowly ebbs away

my heart beats slow and fingers grow icy cold
and it becomes easier to be shy and less bold
so, this old story has already been told

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august sky

August Sky.

August Sky. (Photo credit: Pat Dalton…)

right and wrong or good and bad
seem to have lost meaning to most of humanity
except as ethical misconceptions of the mind
with no basis in physical or spiritual reality

like and love or hate and fear
are emotions that we all have in common
so why doesn’t that give us understanding
and wouldn’t that just be awesome?

like as not it makes no difference
for in the end there is equality
and whatever we do or try to do
will asymptotically approach infinity

happy or sad and together or alone
we all struggle though life’s tragedies
and the purpose of what it all means
is the ultimate unknowable mystery

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the only key


Key (Photo credit: zebble)

say to me what you really feel
and I will reply in kind
only you can make up your mind
and you hold the only key

often times, we never quite find
the opportune chance to express or say
that we really feel this or that way
but perhaps this time we will be gutsy

either way the future begins after today
and with time young hearts will grow old
but the mistake of the shy, not the bold
is to take the path to avoid painful reality

so tell me true that the air now grows cold
and what will be, inevitably will be
as long as you tell it to me honestly
I will bow my head and simply agree

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upon contact with the red-hot iron

A red-hot iron object, transferring heat to th...

A red-hot iron object, transferring heat to the surrounding environment primarily through thermal radiation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I admit that I am tormented and afraid of something about her
but do I fear the potential energy of her callous rejection
or do I tremble at the chaotic kinetic energy of her frantic love
which is it,  the separation or the clumsy interconnection?

is it better to be dropped and spill out as waste upon the floor
or to be bottled and labeled and stored away in a jar on a shelf
to be vaporized and become one with the atmosphere
or to be pickled and forever trapped within oneself?

it is said that it is better to have loved and lost
than to never have loved at all
but what about being subsumed and consumed with obsession
to be branded, enchanted, enslaved and left forever enthralled?

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we’re sorry, that number that is no longer in service

English: A broken pay phone in Durham, North C...

English: A broken pay phone in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I fear I cannot fathom the purpose behind all of this
limited as I am by my perception of reality
trapped in this finite shell of fragile flesh
and aged beyond my years by seeing so much tragedy

still, I wonder if the sound of rock music would please you
and if you would be proud of how far we’ve come
of the advances of all of our science and technology
and our attempts to harness the power of the atom

there is so much we all want to ask you
if only you would talk to us once more
you know we’ve been out of touch for such a long time
that it is easy to wonder if you know the current score

perhaps the focus of your attention is elsewhere
maybe on some planet in some other galaxy
or on the distant past or the far off future
or on something more important than poor lost humanity

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6 of hearts

English: 6 of hearts.

English: 6 of hearts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sometimes creativity doesn’t come at all
but today I wrote six poems total
and as a result I’m kinda feeling
rather lucky and tall

they may not rhyme in the proper way
or say what I really wanted them to say
but they are the only card in the game
that I have left to play

so, now before I fold and the game is through
I’d like for Lori to know one final thing that is true
that I did it all because I was inspired
by true love for you

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white tornado

Category F5 tornado (upgraded from initial est...

Category F5 tornado (upgraded from initial estimate of F4) viewed from the southeast as it approached Elie, Manitoba on Friday, June 22nd, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the pain and the grief
the tears and the loss
the lost butterfly caught
in a violent wind and tossed

the lessons of history
the patterns of time
the meaning of life
the order and rhyme

the answers to my questions
that I know I’ll never know
swirl around though my troubled mind
like the restless winds of a tornado blow

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blue heart

blue heart

blue heart (Photo credit: tylluan)

she was the first girl I kissed
if not the first one that I missed

it broke my tender heart
because we had to part

still to this day my love is true
and my lonely heart is forever blue

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walking in the face of a dust storm

Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust ...

Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm. Cimarron County, Oklahoma, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

carefully choosing each step
because the dust had made us nearly blind
walking into tomorrow with yesterday
following but a single step behind

no escaping from a ramshackle hut
of self-imposed limitations
forever waiting for the dust to settle
with growing rage and frustrations

lost in a storm only inches from salvation
abandoned, alone and now left in the dust
the wind howls wondering what went wrong
and how could good men find life so unjust?

sadly, all our unheard prayers
didn’t restore the love that was lost
and didn’t stop the inevitable
of ashes to ashes and dust to dust



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