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to JJ, let’s talk again sometime

just a random chance encounter on a plane
and it felt like our lives would never be the same

she was engaged and had plans for her life
while I had to return home to my children and wife

still, we talked and talked, on and on, endlessly
becoming as close as any two friends can be

so, when I woke up this morning, I searched for her on the web
until I realized she was only a girl I knew in a dream in my head



for she is deceit

it’s the same old story
and the details are gory

better left to your imagination
just another tale of temptation

in the end, she broke his heart
which isn’t the worst part

for she is deceit
and now he is dead meat

roadkill on the highway of life
run over by his own dear wife

of course, life sucks and then you die
bye bye, baby, bye bye

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we have nothing to fear but fear itself

it seems now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect
some of our elite citizens are shattered and shaking with fear
and the trend continues that the country is split evenly
with both sides so far apart that they don’t see each other very clearly

those on the left, and anarchists, are already out on the streets rioting
wanting to replace our dear republic with a socialist totalitarian state
while the struggling masses of blue collar people living in middle America
just want to hope that Trump can somehow really make America great

and the hidden and forgotten people that surprised pundits and polls
when they came out of seemingly nowhere to place their secret vote
were also afraid to exercise their right to free speech
for fear of being called a deplorable, misogynist,  racist, xenophobe

as to our debt-ridden, bloated, bureaucratic, big government
we, the people of these United States, have only ourselves to blame
of course, we have nothing to fear but fear itself
when what we should be feeling is failure and shame

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all night battling within and without

I had a dream last night. I was somewhere in the far east with a group that was applying for some work contract. The day was uneventful, full of meetings. In the evening, I was with a small group that was invited by the owner of the business, that we had not met personally, to his home. Word was that he had a small daughter that had been born deformed and was near death. We all bought gifts to give to the little girl, but I wasn’t sure what to get for someone her age. The girl seemed to be surrounded by a lot of people that were watching over her. We found that we were not the only ones that had been invited and that it was her birthday. We talked quietly together as we each awaited our turn to give our gift to the girl.

It was very sad to sit there and think of the poor girl dying. When it came to my turn I forgot my gift and decided it was unimportant. I would just talk with the girl and try to comfort her. I was led by an aid that told me I would only have a moment with the girl because she was tired. I followed and had to climb up several ladders to reach the level where the girl was waiting. She was in a room surrounded by people that were just watching her. I walked to the center and knelt down and told her that I had forgotten my gift. She laughed and then seemed to become angry and came towards me. Her small body was misshapen and barely seemed human. I expected her to run into me, but she passed through my skin like a ghost and then I had the strange feeling that she was inside of me.

I was afraid at this turn of event when my mentor appeared hovering over us. His legs were crossed and he was calm. He urged me to face my fear and told me that I was not in any danger from the girl. This gave me courage I needed. Meanwhile, there was a battle of wills going on inside my body. Finally, the girl spoke to me. She told me that she was not a little girl, but was a grown woman and that she was trapped and being held hostage by all these people. She said that I had come to save her and that was my true gift. I didn’t know what to say to that. I had only come because I had been invited, after all. She went on telling me that she would separate back from within me soon and she wanted to give me something to take back with me into reality. She said there would be golden orbs in my pocket and that they were very important.

This had taken several minutes, but outside my body it was as if no time had passed and the girl was still coming at me when suddenly she turned away. The people all surrounding us were not fooled however, and i suddenly realized that they were not watching the girl to care for her or protect her. They were watching her to keep her trapped. The woman that had led me to the room turned and grabbed my wrist. She looked at me angrily. “She gave you something”, she said, “what was it?”. I denied it, saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know what is going on here.”

I turned to leave and reached down to touch my pocket and was surprised that there was something there. The people in the room were all watching my reaction and immediately came after me. I had to fight my way back downstairs as wave after wave of evil watchers came after me. Each time I reached into my pocket a golden sphere would come out in my hand and when I would throw it the person attacking me and they would disappear into thin air with a pop. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like I was caught in one of those silly oriental fight movies with people all jumping and flying around. Finally, they all vanished and the household seemed to melt and changed into a commercial building with people waiting to get into the restaurant on the bottom floor. I asked the first person i saw, “where did they all go? Where is the little girl?” but they didn’t seem to understand me. My mentor appeared again and told me that I must follow my heart and face my destiny.

So, I went out into the street and could somehow feel which way I had to go. I ran down the empty streets until I came to a tall dark building that outwardly seemed totally without any life. However, I could see through the walls and there was something that was glowing deep within the building on the top floor. I entered and followed the light. On the top floor was a room full of cob webs and an old man wearing just a robe. At the center of the room was a beautiful woman that seemed to be in a coma and was surrounded by a golden circle. Somehow, I knew that this was the real the body of the one that I had met earlier. I touched her hand and found that i could talk to her again, but the old man coughed and said that she was dead and was far, far past help.

I asked her if the old man was the one holding her and she said yes. However, something told me that he wasn’t real but was only a diversion. I threw another golden orb from my pocket and he vanished. Then, I turned to find a tall man with a dark beard and dressed in fine colored robes coming at me. “You are too late”, he said as he attacked me. We fought until I had all but exhausted my strength. “You cannot defeat me” he laughed. I managed to push him away and I lifted the woman out of the circle and laid down in her place myself. She then awoke just as I went into the same coma. I realized it must have been some kind of spell or black magic that had been holding her there.

Freed, she continued the fight with the evil magician. I was aware of the battle and my surroundings but I was content to slip away into nothingness. I was falling. Falling down and spinning into a deep vortex but I wasn’t afraid. Then the beautiful woman defeated the evil man with a golden flash she and came to me and grabbed my hand pulling me back into her arms as I woke up.

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to say on father’s day

last night, I was eating corn
at our local Golden Corral buffet
although father’s lips would puff up
I remember he loved to eat it anyway

whenever I would call him on the phone
he was always there with good advice
and willing to go out of his way
to help me which was so very nice

as a young child in his household
it’s true that he seemed pretty strict
but later I became a father too and knew
all was done with love for my own benefit

today, like many days, I’m thinking of my father
and missing him because he has passed away
leaving me filled with so many thoughts
so much, that I would want to say

, ,

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the wonder of words

as I read and ponder between the poetry lines
the words like hands impress and caress me
a gentle voice spoken aloud in my heart
echoing across a chamber once so empty and lonely

words that reach across this vast expanse
and entangle with me through space and time
overlapping the holograms at the edges of existence
as if imprinted through me in starlight line by line

until the moment when the words linger like a rainbow
appearing with wonder in the azure skies in my mind
and I question if they will soon fade in the sun
or forever exist within me until the end of time

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the tiger barb mob

2016-03-26 15.53.07in my aquarium tank
the tiger barb mob
chase each other around
like it is their only job

and my dwarf neon rainbow fish
seem a little confused
acting just like my tiger barbs
which has me all amused

after eating time is over
they all search for places to hide
under every nook and cranny
they just chill out and glide

at times the mob can be a little ornery
like a group of school age boys
looking for girls with pigtails to pull
but that’s why they have each other to annoy

still they give me a lot of relaxing pleasure
as I sit and watch them play
and it is as good a way as I can imagine
to bring an end to my stressful day

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Let’s talk sex

Why is it so important and natural
Why do some like it strange and kinky
Why do women supposedly like it big
When so many men are sadly just dinky

Why does it seem to sell everything
Why does it get politicians into trouble
Why is it so romantic and lusty in literature
When, in reality, it just bursts our bubble

Why does it make us feel so good
Why does it make some feel ashamed
Why does it lead to so much frustration
Who is the one, in the end, to be blamed

Why do we daydream about it
Why do we do it in the back seats of cars
Why do we think about it when driving to work
When will we get the chance to do it on mars

Why does it take two to tango
Why do some people like it rough
What does it all have to do with love
And why do we never seem to get enough

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