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the lack of such sounds

Sleeping baby seen from crib height, behind it...

Sleeping baby seen from crib height, behind its head. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

she woke me up this morning
loudly crying in her crib at four
I guess that won’t happen now
that they don’t live here anymore

still, in the dark cloak
that now quietly surrounds
I only can seem to focus
on the lack of such sounds

and when I put her in bed at six this morn
after having rocked her back to sleep
I returned to my room with a blissful smile
when the exact same silence sounded so sweet


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the ballad of sleepy time

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby (Photo credit: Lisa Rosario Photography)

as the little baby girl
begins to rub her sleepy eyes
grandpa makes up some words
as part of a new sing-song lullaby

she makes a long strange sound
since she really doesn’t want to go to sleep
so, grandpa holds her close and rocks
singing something about silly dancing sheep

she rests her head down on grandpa
and clutches tightly with her tiny hand
cuddling with her little white bunny
as together they make a last stand

before finally giving in and floating off
into the land of childhood dreams
where silly words sung with love in a lullaby
are much more than they simply seem

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lullaby lines

Sleeping on Grandpa (photo by RK House)

Sleeping on Grandpa (photo by RK House)

with little Ellie asleep on my chest
and my laptop balanced precariously on my knee
I slowly and oh so carefully type with one hand
and try to write some of my simple poetry

snippets of my life and experiences
boiled down into just a few words and rhymes
until she suddenly sneezes and wakes up crying
and I lovingly rock her and sing a few lullaby lines

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baby steps

Baby Steps

Baby Steps (Photo credit: Jason L. Parks)

my father’s father died
shortly before I was born
making him the grandfather
that I’ve never known

so, I don’t remember him
holding my little hands
when I first tried to learn
to begin to stand

and I don’t remember him
saying “It’s Okay, Grandpa’s here”
when I first fell down
and shed an early tear

nor do I remember him
gently rocking me to sleep at night
or burying my little face against him
to feel safe when I first felt a fright

he wasn’t there to encourage me
to try my first mashed green peas
and I never heard him laughing
and saying “bless you” when I first sneezed

now, I’m blessed to see my son’s daughter
take her first baby steps and grow
but I wonder if any of these same moments
she will remember after I go

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without words


Happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

too young to speak
yet she can communicate so much
with her natural expressivity

she furrows her brow
when she is puzzled
with me

she pouts her lips
when she is sad
or unhappy

she smiles brightly
and her eyes flash
when she is happy

she makes little sounds of sheer joy
and then buries her face bashfully
before peeking back at me

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to forgive and forget

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hold the hungry baby as her parents
warm up the bottle of mother’s milk for me
she is crying her little lungs out
so desperately and inconsolably

within seconds she is happy and contented
when the warm milk is finally given
with tears now gone she looks at me
and for the delay I am totally forgiven

as an adult looking at her now happily feeding
I feel so amazed and so sweetly blessed
and of that innocent capacity to forgive and forget
I am now envious and so thoroughly impressed

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one eye peeking

Sleeping baby

Sleeping baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as my first granddaughter falls asleep in my arms
with one eye she keeps peeking up at me
as if to make sure I’m still there
but believe me, she needn’t worry
grandpa’s not going anywhere

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I hear the baby cry

baby bottle

baby bottle (Photo credit: katymcc)

I hear the baby cry
because she wants attention and is hungry
and then the satisfied silence
when she is being fed and is happy

if only it was that easy
for us as adults to simply cry out
for the love we so deeply desire
and to have it freely brought about

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