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sex sells

Diesel "Sex Sells"

Diesel “Sex Sells” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

society seems to be big on marketing
to take advantage of our natural lust
using our most basic desires as a weapon
leaving us with a bad case of mistrust

but there is no denying that sex sells
and that anything looks a little better
when sold by a partially clad beautiful woman
wearing very tight fitting jeans or a sweater


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she wore a purple blouse

Purple summer shirt

Purple summer shirt (Photo credit: ingermaaike2)

she wore a purple blouse
and reminded me of a brick house

so, I didn’t see her face
before she was gone without a trace

now, I will spend many restless nights
dreaming dreams of deep purple delights

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A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dance to the rhythm of the music
in your rock n roll soul
let your emotions run free
and lose all your self control

enjoy all the beauty
that is all around us every day
like a catchy melody with harmony
that takes all your cares away

tap your foot to the living beat
until you have to jump up and shout
that there is something so wonderful
and that this is what life is all about

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girl in a red summer dress


1391301435_AAA.jpg (Photo credit: apparena)

she walks with a bounce
and her long hair flows free
with the sun shining down
on her glory for all to see

she walks nearby
and I smell her sweet perfume
like a sudden burst
of fresh garden flowers all abloom

sitting alone on this park bench
I must confess
there’s nothing better than a girl
in a red summer dress



dark beauty

Italiano: Quadro di M.lle Juana Romani

Italiano: Quadro di M.lle Juana Romani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I so struggle to understand her delicious words
her astounding aura of mystery and meaning
her wealth of dark undiscovered details
her natural bounty so ready for gleaning

her super structure surrounds me and I struggle for air
dreaming of being smothered within her raw sensuous skin
lost and adrift in her dark swelling incomparable seas
drowned in her dark beauty forever beyond my kin

yet I am not in pain and I feel no fear
rather I am submerged in her supernatural bliss
and so each night I look forward for her to visit with me again
to study and admire and perhaps see something that I’ve missed

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don’t look so surprised

Beauty Girl Surprise.

Beauty Girl Surprise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

mesmerizing, shimmering blue eyes
practically perfect circles within circles
ending in infinite geometric points
revealed in cones of truth and light

half arcs of blond hair
frame a china-like oval face
with Maybelline sensational pink lips
opening provocatively

a light halo of sunlight surrounds her
darker secrets like shadows lie within
and central to the core
of her soul and my sin

encompassed in a golden band of perfection
only realized
in the form of fragile flesh
and hidden fantasy

provocation of existence
yielding to my total  inconsequence
results in desperation
and finality for the forbidden desire

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china doll

China Doll

China Doll (Photo credit: humboldthead)

a pretty pastel porcelain china doll
better than one and all
unless she were to fall

up on high, and far, far away
on a lonely, dusty shelf
is where the china doll has to stay

a frozen sparkle of time
captured forever in a ceramic mime
oh, how i wish she were really mine

I’d keep her where I could see her
each and every day
and I’d love her and protect her
in each and every way

a delicate desire is she
the china doll from across the sea
who means so much to me
her pretty face is all I can see
but, don’t you dare remind me
of that awful story of Humpty Dumpty

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loose live wire

2008 Grand National Roadster Show

2008 Grand National Roadster Show (Photo credit: ATOMIC Hot Links)

don’t you shine
with your sassy classy chassis

and you’re hot
so hot to touch
I burn my fingers
you burn my thoughts

if only the gentle spring rain
could put out the eternal flame
you’ve lit within my soul

it flickers and it dims
but it never gives in
or goes out

and I’m on fire
look out! now I’m a loose live wire
my thoughts are electricity
shocking, even me

I burn so easily
while you just burnout
and peel out leaving tire tracks
on my road kill heart

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What to say to Kay?

Pondering the meaning of life, for sure.

Pondering the meaning of life, for sure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kay, oh can you come
and spend some time with me?
For I have seen your picture
and you’re as pretty as can be!

Kay, just say the day
and grant me just one wish
I’d like to sample your buffet
since it’s obvious you’re a dish!

Kay, may I please
spend some time with you?
If you must say no, then
know that I’ll be blue

Kay is there a way
for you to find some room
for me in your heart
for our romance to bloom?

Kay if you must say nay
and for us there is no way
and if you just want me to go away
I’ll suffer so much sadness and dismay


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anyone can be beautiful


Make-up?!? (Photo credit: tomazstolfa)

she said
you wouldn’t believe the difference
a little make-up can make
anyone can be beautiful

I replied
it depends what kind of beauty you’re looking for
anyone can be beautiful
but perhaps the make-up only clouds the issue?

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Manufactured Beauty

Applying cosmetics

Image via Wikipedia

mascara madness
make-up to break-up

cosmic cosmetic over shadow
to underscore the hidden truth

dark roots expose reality
on a wig of synthetic similarity

face-lifts looking up
silicone sags falling down

clone copy air-brushed appeal
plastic and perfect but puerile

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Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett (Photo credit: JustoRuiz, Capturing smiles one shot at a time ©)

an angel tossed her hair
and I stopped to stare

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Blank Beauty

From the Lips and Nips Series

a tongue touched to lips
creases form a smile
beauty briefly here
then gone

satin smooth skin
softly waiting
a blank beauty
passive passion
hidden but here
forbidden and unclear

existing apart from me
a part of me
existing only in the me
a fantasy

her existence my ambition
her shadow my companion
her movement moves me
female fantasy

a blank beauty
bathed in finality

“Blank Beauty” © 1983 Ronald K. House

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The Most Beautiful Girl


when I looked
at you
I saw
the most beautiful girl in the world

when I looked
at you
I saw
the most beautiful girl in the world

and yes, I love you
yes, I love you
yes, I love you
I do

yes, I love you
yes, I love you
yes, I love you
I do

“The Most Beautiful Girl” © 1984 Ronald K. House

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