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don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time

so, I’m sitting at the kitchen table early in the morning
trying to eat some breakfast, so that I can take my pill for the pain
when I hear the sounds of someone being investigated on Law and Order
coming from my living room and almost driving me insane

but, I have to stop eating and listen to the intense voices
because I can’t help but wonder who just got shot and what is going on
until it hits me that they are actors in a make believe story
and no one was killed because it isn’t even a real gun

after which I finish eating my bowl of cereal
thinking it’s not good to waste precious time
so, we should all turn off our TV sets and enjoy life
but we don’t and that is the real crime


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black lives matter

‘black lives matter’
that almost goes without saying
and, of course, ‘all lives matter’
should be the mantra we are all praying

from each innocent fetus
just waiting to be born
to the perverted purveyors
of popular hardcore porn

from a young black man
shot without justification by the police
to the innocent youth caught in a drive-by
by criminal gangs running wild in the streets

from police ambushed without warning
while simply being on duty
to the one percent in their high castles
busy being all rich and snooty

yes, ‘black lives matter’
because all life is precious and fleeting
and all those that would take life without regard
are those that are the most worth defeating

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