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a cold dark nothing

it sounds like it’s raining hard outside
or maybe that’s all in my head
my room somehow seems smaller today
so, I think I’ll go back to bed

then I dream that I’m back at our family cabin
surrounded by the green trees of Tennessee
my father is trying to stop the flooding
the source of which is just a mystery

next, I hear someone crying in the distance
but I don’t have my glasses, so I can’t see
and I hear the sound of tears falling
that plop and echo eerily

I have the weird feeling that I’m missing something
something that should be important to me
but my searching mind comes up with nothing
only a cold dark nothing that is silent and empty


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vacuum packed and sealed in plastic

Sunset behind the remaining three of Bristol's...

Sunset behind the remaining three of Bristol’s “Seven Sisters”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

she was the warm tropical air
gathering her forces as if preparing for a storm
then she blew over me like a category 5 hurricane
from which nothing of me escaped harm

she was the sun setting on a moonless night
that left my world almost totally dark
and I was struggling in the cold to start a fire
but unable to find a match to even light a spark

she left me vacuum packed and sealed in plastic
forgotten and stored up on guest room closet shelf
not really a good feeling
in and of itself

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contemplation amid darkness

Day 163: Contemplation Amid Darkness

Day 163: Contemplation Amid Darkness (Photo credit: -Snugg-)

twas late
and the shadows were out
creeping and skulking about

I could hear them
whispering in a world of spareness
testing the edge of my awareness

laughing and questioning the soundness
of my weary, racing mind
hidden in a place that I dare not look or find

resistance is futile
they seemed to want to say
as if I may never again feel the lovely warmth of day

so it was good, I guess
that in my darkness I was all alone
and so my moment of weakness will never be known

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are we there yet?

Gravel Road

Gravel Road (Photo credit: compujeramey)

dark clouds are forming off in the distance
as I’m lost and adrift, floating in an endless blue sea
and like sharks with lifeless eyes biding their time
a dark something somehow circles around me endlessly

each night alone in my room
I feel it tug and pull at me like black hole gravity
from which escape is not possible
and all roads lead back to same point of inevitability

moving on down the gravel road to my final destination
I am in the driver seat breaking out in a cold sweat
as I hear my youthful voice from the back seat
exclaim impatiently “are we there yet?”

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what the bleeping, bleeping


fear (Photo credit: JasonTank)

I went for a walk alone at darkest midnight
and in the distance I heard a terrifying sound
of someone far off weeping, weeping

then as the light of the moon hid behind the clouds
I heard the sounds of many footsteps scraping
of zombies behind me creeping, creeping

my heart began to race and I ran
ran for fear of my life over every obstacle
in my path I was leaping, leaping

until a sudden hand grabbed my shoulder
from behind and I screamed aloud in fright
only to wake up in my bed where i was only sleeping, sleeping

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so what

Tunnel on way back

Tunnel on way back (Photo credit: Cheekablue)

there was an unexplained wetness on my face
and a feeling of cold creeping dampness in my soul
and I knew better than to try and stand up
for fear becoming dizzy and of losing all control

so what if I had to finally admit to myself
that I didn’t have all the answers
as I closed my eyes and tried to think
of something so alive like an exotic erotic dancer

but all I felt was a growing and tingling numbness
as if my whole body had fallen asleep
and my soul was being sucked into a darkened tunnel
from where not a single ray of light would ever seep

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dark light

A powerful light shining in the dark.

A powerful light shining in the dark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dark light, anti-bright
cold blue, so unlike you

I’m like a rushing waterfall
pouring down the drain
you’re like the sunlight
shining through the rain

inside I weep and wail and yearn
you’re the catalyst
but I am the one that gets burned

you’re a supernova that explodes
shooting all of itself out into the vast universe
in a brilliant final ecstasy
while I am a candle slowly flickering out at night
with barely enough light to read this attempt at poetry

your light to my dark
your shine to my shark
your good to my bad
your joy to my sad

ultra-light, star bright
so sad to see, you’re not for me

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I rape the night

Rape seed caught at sunset

Rape seed caught at sunset (Photo credit: jimmedia)

I rape the night
lusting for the absence of light
forever safely hidden in the shadows

my thoughts move mountains
until I am buried in my own dirt
and laid to rest in a coffin of my own design

my meaning meanders
speaking with all possible candor
lying thru my smiling ceramic teeth

falling for fickle females
tasty trip wires and magical spells
deadly traps easily catching stupid saps

blinded by mine own bright
fumbling if I might
killing time on cheap wine

all the time knowing
something is not right
I rape the night

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fear is the only darkness

I bared my soul to the sky

only to later be arrested for indecent exposure

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: jonmartin ())

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In Glorious Shades of Gray

Donizetti's aria serves as theme to the events...

Image via Wikipedia

in the darkness of the nether day
where misfortune and confusion lay
I stumble blindly having completely lost my way
and kneel down but fear I have forgotten how to pray

I hear the distant beating rhythms of high and low
and look down a darkened path where I fear to go
wanting to turn around to meet the person I used to know
standing there all alone hiding in my shadow

but there is no way to return to the beginning
there is no way to stop the world from endlessly spinning
I’m caught in a game with no hope of ever winning
waiting for the candle flame to flicker out to a final ending


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In My Own Way

English: Forest Path Following a path through ...

Image via Wikipedia

something in the way
that she says I love you
tells me what I have to do

walking all alone
in the darkness of my mind
nothing seems to me to be kind

but I know that I love her
in my own way
even as I know I can’t stay

something in the way
that she touches my heart
tears me apart till I cry

walking all alone
in the darkness of my mind
nothing seems to me to be kind

but I know that I love her
in my own way
even as I know I can’t stay

“In My Own Way” © 1982 Ronald K. House

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