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pretty much the same

English: Stone Steps The beginnings of a long ...

Stone Steps The beginnings of a long lost path in the wood, that lead of the track up to the Octagon Tower. There is a good section of exposed limestone at this point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sometimes, I think many years of stresses
have levied a significant toll upon me
but then we all have to face stresses in life
and we all seem to deal with them differently

mounting counts of dearly loved ones no longer here
and all those accumulated regrets of paths not taken
or unending daily tales of death, disease and destruction
which can easily leave us with our faith badly shaken

life is a wonderful gift of which I am undeserving
so, I really have no reason to complain
and upon contemplating whatever comes next
I reckon that I would feel pretty much the same


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in black cloak and hood

Grim Reaper (advertisement)

Grim Reaper (advertisement) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a strange specter seemed to follow me
on my lonely way to work today
but, I managed to lose him
which I know sounds cliche

this evening the shadow came again
a knock, knocking at my door
so, I hid with the dust under my bed
until I didn’t hear the knocking anymore

finally, the grim one caught up with me
defenseless in my darkest dreams
some things are simply inevitable
and that’s life or so it seems

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are we there yet?

Gravel Road

Gravel Road (Photo credit: compujeramey)

dark clouds are forming off in the distance
as I’m lost and adrift, floating in an endless blue sea
and like sharks with lifeless eyes biding their time
a dark something somehow circles around me endlessly

each night alone in my room
I feel it tug and pull at me like black hole gravity
from which escape is not possible
and all roads lead back to same point of inevitability

moving on down the gravel road to my final destination
I am in the driver seat breaking out in a cold sweat
as I hear my youthful voice from the back seat
exclaim impatiently “are we there yet?”

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behold the dragons and rats

English: A long sword through a dragon symbol ...

English: A long sword through a dragon symbol Français : Dragon et épée longue entrelacé (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

long sword by my side
still covered in blood
from swarms of demonic rats
that came out of the earth
in an unholy flood
to feed on my carcass
buried in the mud

dragons are circling
and flying overhead
patiently waiting for dinner
as I rest my bones against a tree
in a meadow
where my broken heart bled
and I was dismembered
and left for dead

my strength fades
and I’m unable to stand
in the weight of my ancient armor
covered with bloody stains
while my ipod plays symphonic strains
of something bold and noble and grand
that I no longer remember
or understand

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my lady love

English: The "Golden Arches" by Skeg...

English: The “Golden Arches” by Skegness Pier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my lady love
once sang prettily for me
all dainty and lady-like chirping a song of love
in the branches of my private green sycamore tree

later in my backyard on top of a mountain mushroom
she sat and stared endlessly puffing and puffing
while white smoke curled around her long hair into the air
until suddenly she began shrinking down into nothing

I sat patiently waiting for my lady love to find the right thing to eat
for her to regain her spirit and size and to finally come back to me
as I drank a cup of coffee and I read yesterday’s evening newspaper
and saw her life recorded in memorial in a black and white obituary

she died the cruel death of nothing and emptiness
and left my heart in the kitchen in a jar pickled and preserved
so now I’m eating alone under the happy golden arches of human life on Earth
where to date we estimate over one hundred billion have been served

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death, taxes, and depression


REST IN PEACE (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

nothing is certain
except for death and taxes
as the moon continues to orbit the Earth
and waxes

and nobody notices that you were here
and are now gone
the story of your life
is just a big yawn

and you looked for love
in all the wrong places
never achieved your dream
to make it into the outer spaces

left your mark
only to have your mark erased
and everything you accomplished
is such a waste

now looking around
you are left without even a frown
and your depression has you feeling
so much lower than down

ok, so maybe there is no reason
and no easy answers why
and the final moral is that life sucks
and then you die

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stress test

English: Myocardial infarction ECG

English: Myocardial infarction ECG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a friend of my son’s about my age died of a heart attack yesterday
and now my son is worried if I may be under too much stress
I can’t imagine what he is thinking of
just because my whole private life is such a royal mess

I hope that I’ve found my own way to cope with the stresses of life
using a combination of love and forgiveness and my own form of zen
I enjoy the sweet irony of my misery in a little poem now and then
and search inside myself for some inner strength hidden deep within

I told my son that we all have our trials, our tests and stresses
that’s just a part of this wonderful precious experience we call life
we all die, but remember that nothing is lost and energy just transforms
so all we can do is to do our best to love and care for our children and our wife

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select your final destination and take the scenic route

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation (Photo credit: arrayexception)

to imagine the view of Earth from an orbiting space station
to find your zen through contentment and contemplation

to understand that you choose to be the way you are
to appreciate the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar

to understand the poetry of feminine mystery
to put behind you the regrets of your history

to want to stand up in a crowd and shout
to want to know what it’s all about

to go where no man has gone before
to unlock and open that final door

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woe and misery

Closeup of a human skull.

Closeup of a human skull. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

woe and misery came to visit me
determined to make their visit lengthy

but I was having none of that
so I showed them where the door was at

whereupon they visited a nearby door
and she was found lying on the floor

so woe and misery got their way
and now I see no end to their uninvited stay

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focus forward

Damn that traffic jam (6 of 6)

Damn that traffic jam (6 of 6) (Photo credit: Scott Beamer)

I thought I heard a muffled sound inside my head
perhaps it was a stifled cry of anguish or pain
it occurred to me that I might be holding in my emotions
but there’s no time for that when you’re moving in the fast lane

I had to keep my focus on moving forward
while dealing with all the slow moving idiots obstructing my path
and watching out for the fast moving, weaving in and out crazies
that are targets for my fantasy of frikin’ laser beam wrath

until an accident up ahead where multiple moving vehicles
collided in violent disagreement with no one left moving
and I realized that I was uncertain of my final destination
and just what it was I thought I was proving

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like sand through my fingers

Great Sand Sea of Egypt.

Great Sand Sea of Egypt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like someone lost in a desert
each day I grow more desperate and thirsty
and as the darkness of night closes around
I lose faith and can no longer see

yet, I hear someone weeping
a pitiful sound that echoes distantly
until I finally come to the realization
that the pitiful person weeping is only me

like sand through my fingers
my life slipped by me
until I was left standing at a locked door
wondering if death is the only key

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on the way to mount hopeless

Burke and Wills on the Way to Mount Hopeless, ...

Burke and Wills on the Way to Mount Hopeless, watercolour, 26.2 x 38.5 cm, by George Washington Lambert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

life is hopeless

but consider this
if so

is death
the lack of even hopelessness?

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death is nothing


Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

I don’t fear Death
nor does he fear me
for we have an gentleman’s understanding
you see

Death is nothing
nothing but a final end
to all my sorrow and pain

Death is easy
he is out driving all day on every USA highway
and waiting at the end
of every cancer filled cigarette butt

Life on the other hand is something
but what exactly is it supposed to be?
is it supposed to be so painful
that it makes Death look less scary?

so, I don’t fear restful Death
but I am afraid of Life

no, if I’m being honest
I have to admit that’s just a brave lie
I’m actually afraid of Death, too

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death spiral

Final Frontier Voyager or Flat Earth Society, ...

Final Frontier Voyager or Flat Earth Society, by George Grie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a plane in an uncontrolled dive
spinning in spiral circles
jet engines whining loudly
leaving a braided vapor trail
and aiming to kiss the good green earth
one last kiss

I am a punching bag
being beaten again and again
thappita thappita thappita
and then left hanging
and swinging by a rope

I am a phantom pirate ship
lost on a long voyage
way past the point of no return
and floating in the uncharted wasteland
near the thundering fall
over the edge at the end of the flat earth
that is to be my final destination

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