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Girl of my dreams

I spent all late last night
with the girl of my dreams
It was so much more than I could hope for
But, I don’t know what it all means

It’s not like my stingy subconscious mind
To grant me one of my most secret wishes
So, of course, you can understand
Why I’m more than just a little bit suspicious

It’s a lot like winning the lottery
Although, it’s not really a big deal
It was only a dream, after all
And, sadly, dreams are not real



contact sport

English: Green eyes of a female

Green eyes of a female (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw her standing at the crowded Purdue football stadium
and for a brief moment lost in time our eyes met
as she smiled, it seemed to me that we were the only ones there
and that’s something that I can never forget

I saw her standing with a group of college girls
just waiting to go to class in a crowded hallway
as I passed by her close enough to enjoy her bouquet
and yet, she was so very, very far away

only now, after the passing of many long years
do I wonder if I saw her in a dream or if she was real
and if in the moment that our eyes made contact
she was somehow aware of how special that she made me feel

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under the willow tree

English: Willow Tree - Glebe Gardens

English: Willow Tree – Glebe Gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ah, if only I were young again
I’d take you in my arms and spin

we’d dance together, you and I across the sky
and you wouldn’t know I was just quiet and shy

I’d paint your picture on the canvas of my life
and forget all the years of pain and strife

I’d write a poem and declare my love for a lovely lady
and read it to you under a willow tree that is shady

but I fear I will only find you in my dreams
and that life is not always what it seems

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take me to the highway


Tears (Photo credit: TimOve)

with a sweet voice she said
take me to the highway
and please to hold my hand
and we’ll both be on our way

we’ll leave far behind
all of our pains and scars
as our spirits travel together
to the distant beautiful stars

and as our souls left the Earth
she gently began to sing
with such a tender heavenly sound
that I knew I was doing the right thing

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Lucky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost got lucky
in a dream last night
but somehow things just
didn’t work out quite right

I guess I’m the same person
in the end, even in my dreams
as I am in reality
or so it seems

which strikes me as ironic
and brings a smile to my face
because wherever I go
I’m never really out of place

for wherever I go
that’s where I am
and even in my most private dreams
luckily, I’m the same silly old man

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all night on the love boat

Cruise Ship - Celebrity Infinity

Cruise Ship – Celebrity Infinity (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Last night, I dreamed that my life was in danger and I was trying to hide from someone.  I slipped onto a cruise ship and attempted to blend in with all the passengers.  But, to my dismay I found myself in some kind of old Jack Lemmon comedy, because I was on a cruise ship full of naked swingers.  All I wanted to do was find a place to get some rest and sleep, which made me stand out.  Bizarre hilarity ensues as I go all over the ship, from the lounge chairs on the deck to the bowels of the engine room, trying to sleep, only to encounter swingers with other things in mind.  I go searching all over different deck levels, from the cafeteria to shower rooms, and I can’t find a place to be alone.

Finally, I wake up and I immediately think, “how do I get back on that ship?”  This gives “The Love Boat” a whole new meaning for me.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real cruise ships, living or dead, is purely coincidental and only in my dreams.

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the night of not wanting to be touched

English: Fungus, Huntly, Banbridge (2) Resembl...

English: Fungus, Huntly, Banbridge (2) Resembling something from a 50’s science-fiction film, this jelly-like fungus was growing on dead wood beside the old railway 921790. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I dreamed last night that I was meeting my old best friend from high school, David. We were going to an all night science fiction film festival. We hadn’t seen each other since high school and we had some catching up to do before the first movie started. So, we were sitting outside the theater on a bench talking when a person walked by that looked very strange. The person was covered with what looked like a dark green fungus and their eyes where blacked out so that it was obvious they couldn’t see. They were walking with their arms outstretched. At first we thought it was someone acting like a zombie for some horror movie festival or something. I don’t like horror movies. We continued talking and David told me that he had inherited a lot of money and was going to England to study. Then we noticed that when the strange walking person touched someone else the person they touched was rapidly covered with the same alien green fungus and also began walking around blindly. It happened so fast they barely had time to cry out.  We looked at each other and said let’s get out of here. I patted David on the shoulder and wished him luck as we separated to leave. On the way out the the theater I ran into another old friend, Gail. I ran up to her and gave her a hug and kiss. She was unaware of the situation, so I quickly told her what we had seen. Just then a large crowd came out of a theater yelling and screaming and we were swept along and separated. I never saw her again after that.

Outside the theater, I watched more and more people turned into these green fungus covered zombies walking blindly in the streets. I ran to the nearest police station and was trying to explain the situation but they thought I was crazy. Just then the first infected person was let in the front door and the infection quickly began to spread. I escaped and made my way to a cliff thinking that since they couldn’t see I would be safer there. Of course, blind people can’t see where they are going, so there were still people there. I was working my way over a ledge and trying to figure out how to climb down to below when I woke up.

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the night of paranoid probabilities

Delphi, Greece

Delphi, Greece (Photo credit: Mr G’s Travels)

Last night I dreamed that I had returned to Tennessee and was looking for a job, but wherever I went my efforts were being sabotaged by some unseen entity. I had spent the last ten years of my life working on a huge computer modeling system for the government. We called it Delphi, the Probability Machine. I was the creator and chief systems architect for the system. Originally, it was designed to model scenarios and probabilities for the Department of Defense. For example, what might happen if two nuclear tipped missiles were lost in the Mediterranean Sea from an aircraft carrier? Delphi would model and predict how fast our enemies, from terrorist groups to foreign countries, would find out about the incident and how they would respond to it. Over time, though, Delphi was tied directly into huge information gathering systems at the National Security Agency. It began modeling more and more activities and scenarios that were not specifically defense related. Recently, the administration began using it to predict how the population would respond to their actions and what they needed to do to get re-elected and stay in power. I realized that Delphi was being misused and was trying to think of what I should do about it, when Delphi predicted that I was a threat and would try to shut it down. So, I was fired from my job and lost my clearance, which was how I had found myself back in Tennessee with everyone seemingly against me. How could I compete against my own creation that could predict everything that I was likely do before I could even think to do it myself?

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the night of the lessons of the spinning vortex of time

Time Selector

Time Selector (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

I had this dream last night that time was not linear but was like a spinning vortex that could be traversed given the correct entry point. I somehow found an point in time that was represented in an object that I could touch whereupon my awareness was propelled back into a point in my past. Each time that I touched the object, I seemed to be drawn to a nexus point in my past that represented something that I had done wrong or not done. So, with my new awareness, I tried to make things better, but things kept unfolding in new ways that were unanticipated and somehow just as wrong or worse. Then, I was returned to the present.  I went through this whole process, looping over and over again, until I finally returned one last time to the point where I discovered the object and I destroyed it in order to set things all back as they were. When my awareness returned to the present for the final time, I was in a room with all of my best friends from various points in my life, now all old like myself, including the one I loved most. I went to each of my friends and shook hands or hugged and then sat down next to my love and smiled before waking up.

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one vampire is bad, many vampires really suck

English: A Vampire. Italiano: Un Vampiro.

English: A Vampire. Italiano: Un Vampiro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, I dreamed about vampires. Not the new modern kind that glow and are all romantic. My vampires are the old blood thirsty type. I don’t know what blood type I have, but they would like it. I’m sure. I don’t remember much of the plot line of the dream, because when I woke up I didn’t want to think about it. I love science fiction, but I’ve never been a fan of horror. When I was young, I used to sleep with my blankets wrapped up around my neck so the vampires couldn’t bite me when I was sleeping. That was so silly. Like a soft cotton blanket is going to protect me from fangs. Of course, I still sleep with my blanket wrapped around my neck. Don’t tell anybody. It would be so embarrassing.

Anyway, I don’t remember much of the dream. But it seemed like everybody was a vampire. Everybody, except me and my girl. I wish I could remember what my girl was like in the dream. All I remember about her was that she was nice. Can’t even remember her hair color or eye color or if she was anybody I really know. Oh, and in the end, right before I woke up, she had fangs and was now a vampire too. I remember I turned to her as she was about to bite me and said “Et tu, Brute?“. Then, I thought to myself as I woke up that that was a stupid thing to say. Surely, I could think of something better to say before I had the life blood sucked out of me by my ex girl, now turned into a vamp.  My last thought was that it was like I was in the scene in the 1950’s film version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers where the girl friend has gone to sleep and turned into a pod person.  And when that happened, the guy didn’t think of something really witty to say either. So, it was okay.

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light at the end of the tunnel

English: Light at the end of the tunnel Easter...

English: Light at the end of the tunnel Eastern end of Newchurch No2 Tunnel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my dad once died and came back
and he remembers looking down at his own body
and feeling peaceful and seeing bright white lights
and if that was all just a dream, it’s not too shoddy

I have dreams of being in a long dark tunnel
and I can see the light at the end
but the light is retreating and then goes out
and then with the darkness I am left to contend

there is only the silence of nothingness
where I am trapped with no possible escape
but, I think I prefer my father’s dream
and the end that leaves me in a much better shape

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or so I thought


Succubus (Photo credit: aa7ae)

she came as if in a dream
and she seduced me
with words so witty and disarming

her fine face smiling
a facile fantasy
she encouraged

with her hourglass causing my hunger
and I passed through her
like sand

night after night
she gave herself to me
or so I thought

but she only thought to take
in increments
almost unnoticed and undetected

my shattered soul shivers
and eagerly fears for another near fatal encounter

and my darkly undeteriorated desire
for a final unforgettable fragrance

how charming
is the consummation of her curious charity
in my completion

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swords and sorcery interrupted

Sword in Stone

Sword in Stone (Photo credit: Gruenemann)

just as I was about to pull the sword from the stone
I was awoken this morning by my ringing cell phone

it’s not that I want to be left all alone
it’s not that I hate being pulled back to my bed in my home

but how often in your life do you get the most magical opportunity
to pull the sword from the stone and spend time with Merlin from fantasy?

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the lovely garden path dream

Garden path

Garden path (Photo credit: slack12)

as I wander down a lovely garden path
and watch the days of our lives stroll by
I hear the musical refrain of life
whistling in the bright blue sky

with lazy eyes I slowly look around
and see our path outlined in green
the bright sun is hidden from my eyes
while sparkling on some distant silver stream

my eyes may focus on this gentle scene
but my heart is always focused on you
I may only love you within this lovely garden path dream
but to you I’ll always be true

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