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swing low sweet furlough

Federal Workers Protest Government Shutdown

Federal Workers Protest Government Shutdown (Photo credit: cool revolution)

soon I won’t have any money coming in
to pay for my mortgage or food or gas
but on the bright side, I can stay at home
and listen to my wife call me a real pain in the ass

I know the President could end this stalemate
with a phone call to Harry and a stroke of a pen
but I wouldn’t want him to have to go out of his way
and to have it appear that he negotiated or gave in

I understand that little squabbles like this
are an important part of the big scheme of things
just like blocking off WWII outdoor memorials
and making sure that this shutdown really stings

and, of course, the country is really divided
over those who continue to want our government to grow
and those who when it comes to big government and spending
think it is long past time that we just said “No”

heaven forbid we would sit down and try to negotiate
or to see if there is any middle ground where we could meet
better to yell like children and call each other nasty names
and to try to make political points by blaming each other in a tweet


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tick tock in the box

English: Photo by Quadell

Grandfather Clock Photo by Quadell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the special sound
of multiple old clocks
loudly ticking away
at grandpa’s house

I do have a watch
that makes a nice ticking sound
I keep it in a wooden box
tucked away in a drawer

it’s there with several other watches
and some rings and things
but I can’t hear them ticking
or anything

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baby steps

Baby Steps

Baby Steps (Photo credit: Jason L. Parks)

my father’s father died
shortly before I was born
making him the grandfather
that I’ve never known

so, I don’t remember him
holding my little hands
when I first tried to learn
to begin to stand

and I don’t remember him
saying “It’s Okay, Grandpa’s here”
when I first fell down
and shed an early tear

nor do I remember him
gently rocking me to sleep at night
or burying my little face against him
to feel safe when I first felt a fright

he wasn’t there to encourage me
to try my first mashed green peas
and I never heard him laughing
and saying “bless you” when I first sneezed

now, I’m blessed to see my son’s daughter
take her first baby steps and grow
but I wonder if any of these same moments
she will remember after I go

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wait till your father gets home

Innocent, terrified, childish.

Innocent, terrified, childish. (Photo credit: _behindthesun)

my mother often used a simple threat
whenever us kids got into any trouble
“wait till you father gets home” she said
and that would get our attention on the double

years later, my father told me he really hated
that my mother would use this threat, too
for the first thing he would see when he came home after work
was us kids hiding in fear and waiting for mom to follow through

she would greet him at the door in an angry mood
and “do you know what your children did today?”
were the first words to come out of her mouth
which would make almost anyone just want to turn and run away

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you kids are so lazy

lazy day

lazy day (Photo credit: reiserloh)

my dad used to say, “you kids are so lazy!
I’d hire a maid to cook and clean and more
but you kids are so lazy you wouldn’t get up
to let her in when she rang at the front door”

I always kept silent, because I was intimidated by my dad
but, I remember thinking of a solution I thought was not so bad
I wonder what would have happened if I had the guts to ask
“why don’t you just give her, her own set of house keys, dad?”

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family and friends

Mafia Guy

Mafia Guy (Photo credit: sacks08)

a private little world
where justice is always obtained
and revenge is just a matter of time

just ask him for a little favor
you’ll be forever grateful
if he’ll just kill your neighbor

he rules his world with iron will
loyalty and friendship
are your only debt
his word, the only law

there are no threats
just an offer that no one can refuse

life and death in his hands
all is family and friends

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To Be Someone

A pacifier

Image via Wikipedia

[written after my wife’s miscarriage after 14 weeks of her first pregnancy]

we lost you
before we ever found you
wonder, who you would have been?
if you only had the chance
to be someone

it’s sometimes hard to remember
those who have gone before
to read the names on old wind worn eroded stones
through the timeless mists of memory
and the darkened clouds and echoes of the past

so, we place our hopes, our happiness
our entire drive for success
on the future
better days to come
and on our little children

ah, but if you had only had the chance to be with us
the chance to be someone
the chance to play with our other children
that came later into our home
and grew up without you

but we love you anyway
you, who almost never was
except in our hearts
and we hope and pray someday
we may have the chance
to finally be with you

my tears I shed now are for all
for all those who have almost never been
or had the simple chance
to be someone
someone like you

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Just one night

Empty Bassinet in Keene New Hampshire

Image by Keene and Cheshire County (NH) Historical Photos via Flickr

Last night, I dreamt that we had two newly adopted children in addition to our own two children.  One was a little girl about three or four and and the other was a little boy around one.  I remember asking the little girl if she liked having a new mommy and she nodded her head and said yes.  She was so cute.  I remember holding the boy for hours, he seemed to be happy to be held and just rocked.  Our kids were only a few years older than these two and so we had a handful to deal with but I looked forward to it.  The dream seemed to last the whole first night they were at our home and into the next morning.  I remember promising to myself to raise them as if they were my own kids.

Then I woke and and for a long few seconds I was really concerned “where are my adopted children?”.  Slowly, I realized that I don’t have any adopted children.  It was only a dream, but the little ones seemed so real to me.  They had personality.  Surely they were real?  Oh, the heartbreak I felt with the realization that they weren’t real and I’ll never see them again. A whole day has passed and the emotion of loss still hits me like a brick.

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