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doctor doom and mister shadow

Thy Despair

Thy Despair (Photo credit: Mourner)

in fear, I turn on all the lights
but mister shadow finds me anyway
stalking me like I’m some famous celebrity
when confronted, he callously refuses to give up and go away

in silence, I can feel his gloom is always there
always somewhere so very close and waiting nearby
looking in a mirror I see him laughing hysterically
hiding in the light reflected in my own eye

at night, he closes in for the kill
enveloping me in dark despair
I swing my arms violently in helpless defense
but they only contact empty air


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what the bleeping, bleeping


fear (Photo credit: JasonTank)

I went for a walk alone at darkest midnight
and in the distance I heard a terrifying sound
of someone far off weeping, weeping

then as the light of the moon hid behind the clouds
I heard the sounds of many footsteps scraping
of zombies behind me creeping, creeping

my heart began to race and I ran
ran for fear of my life over every obstacle
in my path I was leaping, leaping

until a sudden hand grabbed my shoulder
from behind and I screamed aloud in fright
only to wake up in my bed where i was only sleeping, sleeping

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wait till your father gets home

Innocent, terrified, childish.

Innocent, terrified, childish. (Photo credit: _behindthesun)

my mother often used a simple threat
whenever us kids got into any trouble
“wait till you father gets home” she said
and that would get our attention on the double

years later, my father told me he really hated
that my mother would use this threat, too
for the first thing he would see when he came home after work
was us kids hiding in fear and waiting for mom to follow through

she would greet him at the door in an angry mood
and “do you know what your children did today?”
were the first words to come out of her mouth
which would make almost anyone just want to turn and run away

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step on a crack

step on a crack - break your mother's back

step on a crack – break your mother’s back (Photo credit: 19melissa68)

he who steps over cracks
walks the thin line of sanity with care
and there is no correlation
with your mother’s lower back pain

he who hears the music ringing in his head
marks his final days listening for the big bang
echoing in the valley of the shadow of death
where he fears no evil other than fear itself

he who drinks to forget days gone by
tastes the foul bacteria of toxic unease
while slowly watching how the cookie crumbles
and wastes away with the other compost

he who crawls on all fours prostrate and praying
that god exists although we’ve never met
and is that good to bury your head in the sand
while life unravels into a mess on your floor

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death is nothing


Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

I don’t fear Death
nor does he fear me
for we have an gentleman’s understanding
you see

Death is nothing
nothing but a final end
to all my sorrow and pain

Death is easy
he is out driving all day on every USA highway
and waiting at the end
of every cancer filled cigarette butt

Life on the other hand is something
but what exactly is it supposed to be?
is it supposed to be so painful
that it makes Death look less scary?

so, I don’t fear restful Death
but I am afraid of Life

no, if I’m being honest
I have to admit that’s just a brave lie
I’m actually afraid of Death, too

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fear is the only darkness

I bared my soul to the sky

only to later be arrested for indecent exposure

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Description unavailable (Photo credit: jonmartin ())

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In The Distance

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dance the song of joy
believe in he who leads
live a life of love
beware the man of deeds

and in the distance
I can hear a trumpet blowing
and the sound of thunder
warns me of the end

so I swing the way of many
drink the cup of dreams
laugh at the truth
believe life is what it seems

for in the distance
I can feel the rumbling of my fear
and the echo never ends
it just says the same old thing
again and again

life is short, my friend

“In The Distance” © 1983 Ronald K. House

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