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in the Nixonian Nation

English: President Nixon delivers an Address t...

English: President Nixon delivers an Address to the Nation from the Oval Office responding to subpoenas for the White House Tapes with edited transcripts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

as I sit and try to scratch an itch
that I just can’t seem to reach
the sounds on the TV remind me of when Nixon
resigned to keep from being impeached

I wonder why those with power become arrogant
and ultimately forget where they came from
or have they always felt they were the elite
and that the rest of us are all just plain dumb?

they make mistakes which are then covered up
with blatant lies instead of being frankly admitted
and then the facts and the truth must be tortured
and twisted while key points are simply omitted

memories become suspect and very selective
and finally the fifth amendment is heard recited
by people who seem to forget the first and the second
but that never, in the end, seem to get justly indicted


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remembering tiananmen square

Tiananmen Square - 1989

Tiananmen Square – 1989 (Photo credit: Marco Crupi Visual Artist)

in China, the discussion and remembrance
of June 4th is officially prohibited
and the sad facts have been hidden
and to this day remain rather limited

when the people’s soldiers and tanks
were sent on their way to Tiananmen Square
filled with students peacefully protesting
and waiting for them there

and the people of Beijing rushed out
into the streets to block the army’s progress
as soldiers fired upon them with orders
that this was something they needed to suppress

the exact numbers of injured and dead
will likely never be known
and we can never count the students tears
or hear the wounded people moan

such common bravery demonstrates
what freedom and liberty is all about
and this is the kind of thing
we must forever remember, without doubt

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pondering pumapunku

The Gateway of the Sun from the Tiwanaku civili...

The Gateway of the Sun from the Tiwanaku civilization in Bolivia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

according to Inca tradition
on the site where the world was created
are these amazing megalithic stones
with workmanship that can’t be overstated

such breathtaking feats of engineering
and stone-cutting of such precision
that it is easy to understand
why this is so hard for many to envision

sadly so much has been destroyed and lost
and we have forgotten the story of our prehistory
so, why man once walked through the mighty door
of the Gateway of the Sun will forever be a mystery

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the watchers

Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe (Photo credit: Verity Cridland)

we are the watchers
walking among mortal men
bearing gifts of divine knowledge
and wisdom of the forbidden arts

we are the forgotten birdmen of the north
bow to the vultures that circle overhead
the vultures that carry off the dead
and fly their souls to the secrets of the stars

we are the captivated wheat
now cultivated and tamed
our megalithic stone full of abstract meaning
never to be understood or explained

we are the watchers with wings on our backs
that first cast you out
told you that you were naked
and forever left you with doubt

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forever resting under Lookout Mountain

American Civil War Graves

American Civil War Graves (Photo credit: smilla4)

for my relative now down in the green hills of Chattanooga
who lost his life far from home in the great Civil War
I now take a moment to lower my head in humble remembrance
for his dear country, he gave his all and more

on this memorial day we honor the memory
of many that have given their dearest lives
to protect and to defend our freedoms and our great country
leaving behind bereaved families, children and wives

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a vision of the Lost City of the Incas

Machu Picchu (The Lost City of the Incas)

Machu Picchu (The Lost City of the Incas) (Photo credit: Luke Redmond)

the explorer went off searching for a lost city
separated from the passage of time
jungle lore told the story of an ancient city of the Incas
paved in gold and with no fears of death or crime

working his way deep into the jungle
while all around was nothing but endless scary sounds
as if something evil was hiding behind every tree
making him think of the wisdom of turning back around

but he kept on bravely further into the unknown depths
slashing through the lush overgrowth right and left
day after day, with all his hopes oh so slowly sinking
and his heart growing further and further bereft

until standing beside a raging waterfall near a cliff covered in green
he spotted the shining city reflecting in the setting sun
tantalizing him by sitting out of reach on a far off mountain top
and as the sun slowly set, the city disappeared and was gone

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for a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never

Anne Boleyn, granddaughter of Elizabeth Tilney...

Anne Boleyn, granddaughter of Elizabeth Tilney by her second husband, Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

she’s Anne of a thousand lies
the focus of a thousand male eyes
with each smile she weaves a deception
that we’re not on Earth but with her in heaven

but we’re so lucky women put up with men at all
or do they only look up at us because we’re tall?
and in my version of the beauty and the beast
in the very end, the beast is still a beast

return to poor Anne awaiting execution in the castle
on charges of high treason with evidence far too facile
so that Henry can move on and get it on with Jane
as a lesson in history, her death should not be in vain

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