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Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chair (Photo credit: frontier.1968)

Blogging is not as easy as it might seem, I think. It can take our precious time and can sometimes play havoc with our emotions. It can lead to the joy of new found online friends and sharing, or sometimes to hurt and pain and misunderstandings. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of years now, but over this time there have been blogs that I enjoyed reading and following that have been deleted. I’m sure there are lots of reasons to stop blogging. Perhaps, more reasons to stop than to start. However, I wanted to create a little list to mark some of those blogs that have touched and inspired me and that are no longer available. All of these are greatly missed and I truly thank the bloggers for sharing them with us for the time that they did.

  • – I think this blogger was one of the first bloggers to like one of my poems. He was a prolific poet and always had amazing pictures to go with his poems. His use of pictures inspired me to go back and add pictures to my blog and I’ve been including pictures with my poems ever since. So, if you have ever wondered why “It’s Just Words” has words and pictures… well, now you know.
  • – was an amazing blogger and poet. She was very free and open with her comments. If I had anticipated that her blog might be deleted, I would have tried to save it all to one of my disks for future enjoyment and reading. It’s sad that the world doesn’t have access to her work right now. I would read her poetry and immediately think to myself, I wish I had written that!
  • – a follow on blog by bellesogni that was very appropriately named, but brief. She also included reblogs of interest in addition to her own original work in this beautiful, but short-lived blog.
  • – was another amazing poet and blogger. I found the often darker and exposed raw emotions in her poetry very intriguing and refreshing. I was often inspired by her work to try and make my own  poetry more edgy, but I just don’t have it in me.  I hope she is arranging to have her work published.
  • – a very young blogger and, I hope, future writer. I believe she was still in high school. I enjoyed her poetry and stories and her comments on my blog.  I hope she is doing well and is perhaps now busy in college.

Any other deleted blogs that some of you want to mention that inspired you and that you now miss?


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something that is something

repetition of life... nothing new under the sun

repetition of life… nothing new under the sun (Photo credit: jimpg2_Very busy)

so often I’ve heard it said
that there is nothing new under the sun
but combine a little of this and a little of that
with a touch of us and just a little inspiration

and you could end up with something that is something
and that only you could have ever possibly arranged
but of course nothing is created or destroyed
in the end, it is only continually changed

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6 of hearts

English: 6 of hearts.

English: 6 of hearts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sometimes creativity doesn’t come at all
but today I wrote six poems total
and as a result I’m kinda feeling
rather lucky and tall

they may not rhyme in the proper way
or say what I really wanted them to say
but they are the only card in the game
that I have left to play

so, now before I fold and the game is through
I’d like for Lori to know one final thing that is true
that I did it all because I was inspired
by true love for you

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my muse was not amused

Muse, American marble statue by unknown artist...

Muse, American marble statue by unknown artist (c. 1850). Part of the collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Erato with her crown of roses whispered to me
tonight, why don’t you try to write something lovely?

put your passionate heart and tender soul into it
and unleash your fiery soul and ardent inner spirit

but I sighed that I didn’t know what to say
unless some outside inspiration comes along my way

so she sat next to me and played her musical lyre
hoping that romantic music would light my fire

but I only fell asleep in my easy chair
so, she finally left me alone in disgust and despair

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golden velvet ways

Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs (Photo credit: jark)

long ago her golden velvet ways
trapped me
forever to orbit her
like a little satellite

her invitation
I revisit nightly
in high reverb waves of oscillations
echoing in my little one track mind

only this time
I ravish her endlessly
and she is left tingling numb and exhausted
and forever wanting more, just like me

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inspiration is wherever you want to find it

today I saw some glasses with sayings from Star Trek
while I was out browsing and shopping at a nearby Target
at my age I am always looking for some inspiration
and of course inspiration is wherever you want to find it

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A Word From Above

Mailbox with brick background

Image via Wikipedia

oh I’ve left my inspiration
left her and went away
and now I don’t feel good at all
and I’m not half as tall
as I was
as I was

I’ve never waited so anxiously
for some word in a letter
never really cared before
never really cared before

and not just any words
for only her words
can make me feel better
can make me feel better

her words are my words
and my words are love
love is all there is
love is all there is
love is all there is

and still I’m waiting for
some message to come
to me
to me
to me

from the woman on the pedestal up above
waiting for my inspiration to come
waiting for my inspiration
to come
to come

“A Word from Above” © 1982 Ronald K. House

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