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just a lucky roll of the dice


Dice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose that it’s entirely possible and rational
that our existence comes down to just a lucky roll of the dice
but when I look at this unique and beautiful living planet
it sure makes me shake my head in wonder and think twice

it could be that we are just the most luckiest of sentient species
to be living here and now on this planet in all of space and time
but I wonder if the explanation for our amazing lucky streak
may be the result of something a little more, well dare I say, divine?

as we vainly search the stars and listen with all our technology
only, so far, to find nothing else alive anywhere we look out there
maybe we should all stop for a moment and be a little more thankful
and maybe, just maybe, we should all bow our heads and say a little prayer


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pretty much the same

English: Stone Steps The beginnings of a long ...

Stone Steps The beginnings of a long lost path in the wood, that lead of the track up to the Octagon Tower. There is a good section of exposed limestone at this point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sometimes, I think many years of stresses
have levied a significant toll upon me
but then we all have to face stresses in life
and we all seem to deal with them differently

mounting counts of dearly loved ones no longer here
and all those accumulated regrets of paths not taken
or unending daily tales of death, disease and destruction
which can easily leave us with our faith badly shaken

life is a wonderful gift of which I am undeserving
so, I really have no reason to complain
and upon contemplating whatever comes next
I reckon that I would feel pretty much the same

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life is one thing

It Could Have Been Worse

It Could Have Been Worse (Photo credit: Joe Plocki (turbojoe))

sometimes, life seems to be
just one thing after another
and so on and so on

and all of it has nowhere to go
so, it just piles up all around you
until it is getting pretty deep

and every time you turn around
something seems to come out of nowhere
often, from your blind side

and some things you can’t help but step in
because you didn’t notice what was around you
until it was too late

still, you’re sure that it’s got to get better
because it simply can’t get any worse
but, you know, you could be wrong about that

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in black cloak and hood

Grim Reaper (advertisement)

Grim Reaper (advertisement) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a strange specter seemed to follow me
on my lonely way to work today
but, I managed to lose him
which I know sounds cliche

this evening the shadow came again
a knock, knocking at my door
so, I hid with the dust under my bed
until I didn’t hear the knocking anymore

finally, the grim one caught up with me
defenseless in my darkest dreams
some things are simply inevitable
and that’s life or so it seems

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Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

there once was
a brief splash
of light
full of sound and fury
but without meaning
that went
totally unnoticed
and is forever gone
like an amazing rainbow
of fireworks
shot off
on the dark side
of the moon

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calling all zombies

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the Living Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it’s time to stand up and be heard
to speak out for what is noble and right
time to shake and wake up this crazy world
as if all zombies came back to life tonight

we’ve been as silent as the dead
and unnoticed for far, far too long
it’s time to point out to the living
that so many things have gone all wrong

after we take back what’s ours
we’ll finally show them how
and things couldn’t be any more absurd
than they are in reality right now

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so how do they know I’m over 50?

AARP card

AARP card (Photo credit: pmuellr)

anyone else get annoying letters
that ask to you be an enrollee
and that come uninvited in the mail
from a little group known as AARP?

so, how do they know that I’m over 50
and also seem to know my name and address?
perhaps they are in cahoots with big business
or are somehow mixed up with all this NSA data mining mess

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the night of the lessons of the spinning vortex of time

Time Selector

Time Selector (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

I had this dream last night that time was not linear but was like a spinning vortex that could be traversed given the correct entry point. I somehow found an point in time that was represented in an object that I could touch whereupon my awareness was propelled back into a point in my past. Each time that I touched the object, I seemed to be drawn to a nexus point in my past that represented something that I had done wrong or not done. So, with my new awareness, I tried to make things better, but things kept unfolding in new ways that were unanticipated and somehow just as wrong or worse. Then, I was returned to the present.  I went through this whole process, looping over and over again, until I finally returned one last time to the point where I discovered the object and I destroyed it in order to set things all back as they were. When my awareness returned to the present for the final time, I was in a room with all of my best friends from various points in my life, now all old like myself, including the one I loved most. I went to each of my friends and shook hands or hugged and then sat down next to my love and smiled before waking up.

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A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dance to the rhythm of the music
in your rock n roll soul
let your emotions run free
and lose all your self control

enjoy all the beauty
that is all around us every day
like a catchy melody with harmony
that takes all your cares away

tap your foot to the living beat
until you have to jump up and shout
that there is something so wonderful
and that this is what life is all about

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life in a violent universe

The most distant Gamma-ray burst (Artist's imp...

The most distant Gamma-ray burst (Artist’s impression) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with devouring black holes
and rogue stars flung off wildly
it seems that it’s pretty dangerous out there
to put it mildly

with supernovas exploding
and spinning pulsars emitting gamma rays
the very thought leaves my mind
spinning in a daze

in such a violent universe
full of constant motion
how is it possible that life on planet Earth
has somehow, so far, survived all the commotion?

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this is my floor

Loren & Michelle Feldman, Ely Rosenstock, Jean...

Loren & Michelle Feldman, Ely Rosenstock, Jeanine, and Brian in a Crowded Elevator (Photo credit: Tamar Weinberg)

long ago and once upon a time
love was all that was on my mind
a little beauty and mad passion that I was desperate to find
and longing for a kindred soul of a kinder and gentler kind

I looked but didn’t see that what I needed was all right there
I didn’t understand that I first must actually stop and care
and I never stood up and met the Danforth dare
I stood in the crowded elevator avoiding everyone’s stare

all those years that I never looked life straight in the eye
or faced the inevitability of the final roll of the die
I didn’t take off my headphones and hear the plaintive cry
and came to this floor without facing the reasons why

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my lady love

English: The "Golden Arches" by Skeg...

English: The “Golden Arches” by Skegness Pier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my lady love
once sang prettily for me
all dainty and lady-like chirping a song of love
in the branches of my private green sycamore tree

later in my backyard on top of a mountain mushroom
she sat and stared endlessly puffing and puffing
while white smoke curled around her long hair into the air
until suddenly she began shrinking down into nothing

I sat patiently waiting for my lady love to find the right thing to eat
for her to regain her spirit and size and to finally come back to me
as I drank a cup of coffee and I read yesterday’s evening newspaper
and saw her life recorded in memorial in a black and white obituary

she died the cruel death of nothing and emptiness
and left my heart in the kitchen in a jar pickled and preserved
so now I’m eating alone under the happy golden arches of human life on Earth
where to date we estimate over one hundred billion have been served

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death, taxes, and depression


REST IN PEACE (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

nothing is certain
except for death and taxes
as the moon continues to orbit the Earth
and waxes

and nobody notices that you were here
and are now gone
the story of your life
is just a big yawn

and you looked for love
in all the wrong places
never achieved your dream
to make it into the outer spaces

left your mark
only to have your mark erased
and everything you accomplished
is such a waste

now looking around
you are left without even a frown
and your depression has you feeling
so much lower than down

ok, so maybe there is no reason
and no easy answers why
and the final moral is that life sucks
and then you die

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like sand through my fingers

Great Sand Sea of Egypt.

Great Sand Sea of Egypt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like someone lost in a desert
each day I grow more desperate and thirsty
and as the darkness of night closes around
I lose faith and can no longer see

yet, I hear someone weeping
a pitiful sound that echoes distantly
until I finally come to the realization
that the pitiful person weeping is only me

like sand through my fingers
my life slipped by me
until I was left standing at a locked door
wondering if death is the only key

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