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Bitten by the love bug

Wow, yesterday I got an anonymous love note ecard from lovebug1136. I should be so thrilled that someone is “really attracted” to me and has a “huge crush” on me even though I am so far over the hill that the world is starting to look flat.

screen capture of the ecard that I got from lovebug1136

Who could it be from? I wondered.  The young lady I see each day at the McDonalds drive thru?  A long lost school mate that has discovered me on the internet?  A fan of my blog that needs new glasses and mistakenly thinks I look like Cary Grant? The cute neighbor that lives in the house behind mine? The wife of one of my best friends?  No, it can’t be that. I don’t have any friends.  Still, it could be anybody that I know.  It could even be my wife, but that is unlikely since she isn’t very computer savvy and knows me well enough to not have a huge crush on me.

The writer sounds shy, so we would have a lot in common, I think. However, color me skeptical, but I immediately suspected that some misbegotten spam had somehow slipped by my dedicated spam filter. Sure enough, a quick google search confirms that others have received identical emails from my faithless, anonymous would-be lover who presumably wants me to join some adult friend finder site. It is a sad state of affairs when the most exciting event in my love life today is a spam email from some heartless and souless scammer.  Sigh.

Can you hear me Natasha?  Natasha, from Saratov Russia, who is young, lonely and attractive and also sends me out of the blue emails looking for love in all the wrong places?  I’ve already been bitten, chewed and spit out again by the love bug.  But,  you can keep sending me the pictures, though.  I like the pretty pictures.

Update Note! Just to be clear, the lovebug1136 ecard is a scam. If, like me and all those commenting on this post, you also got an ecard from the love bug, then I recommend that you ignore it and delete it. Sorry, but it is not real.


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