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to say on father’s day

last night, I was eating corn
at our local Golden Corral buffet
although father’s lips would puff up
I remember he loved to eat it anyway

whenever I would call him on the phone
he was always there with good advice
and willing to go out of his way
to help me which was so very nice

as a young child in his household
it’s true that he seemed pretty strict
but later I became a father too and knew
all was done with love for my own benefit

today, like many days, I’m thinking of my father
and missing him because he has passed away
leaving me filled with so many thoughts
so much, that I would want to say


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to endure

Warnie had inscribed these words on the tombst...

Warnie had inscribed these words on the tombstone: “Men must endure their going hence” which, rumour has it, was the quote off of a calendar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know you had been through a lot in recent years
with the transplant, the dialysis, and the pain
and you always took your burdens like a soldier
for I never heard you complain

I guess, all that I can say now
is that I will always respect and love you so
you were a good father and always there for all of us
and my heart really wishes you didn’t have to go

and I know that it is selfish of me
to wish for you to endure and still be here
since you’re freed from pain and resting in peace
while I am left with my memories of you, so dear

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Julie James

JulieJOilJulie James sat behind me in class
and she liked to blow on my ear
trying hard to perturb and fluster me
but I still hold her memory so dear

when she talked to me about a school dance
I so much wanted to invite her to go
but I couldn’t get up the nerve to ask
out of fear that she might say no

she once handed me a note that said
‘Ronnie is a hunk a honcho’ or something
I remember thinking that was pretty funny
although, I wasn’t sure what point she was making

that year I really grew to like her a lot
although, she so loved to taunt and tease me
I looked forward each day to being near to her
even though she made concentrating in class not so easy

she had a really great sense of humor
and was always quick with a mischievous smile
Julie was really very cute and fun to be with
and I envy the man who met her at the end of the aisle

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rollin’ clouds and hay

Rollin' Clouds & Hay

Rollin’ Clouds & Hay (Photo credit: MarkyBon)

here’s an inviting proposition
for sharing just a little friendly fiction

or some soothing creamy lotion
pourin’ on intense perpetual motion

ah, to be young and wanted and desired
but we’re feeling rather old and tired

perhaps comin’ together some fine day
until then remembering rollin’ clouds and hay

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her tight turtleneck sweater

English: Unfolded turtleneck

English: Unfolded turtleneck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m standing alone
in the frigid cold weather
thinking how we were once destined
to get together

remembering her so near
in her tight turtleneck sweater
way back when
she simply couldn’t look any better

but you know
I’ve never been much of a go-getter
and I never did send her
that long love letter

and now my old eyes
inexplicably feel a little wetter
so, I better move on
and find some warm shelter

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The little lost trilobite


Trilobite (Photo credit: Trailmix.Net)

there’s something about possessions
about having something of your own to hold
something to treasure and to keep forever
and to bring back memories when getting old

I wonder what happened to the little trilobite?
it was a fossil that I loved as a child
somehow over the long years it was lost
along with arrowheads I found in the Indiana wild

I used to hold my trilobite in my hands
and think of it alive and swimming in an ancient sea
I would feel like we were connected through time
and that was once so very important to me

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the corner grocery store

Corner grocery store, Pensacola, Florida.

Corner grocery store, Pensacola, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my grandfather had an old neighborhood corner grocery store
and my favorite part was the candy sold behind a big glass case
kids would come from all around with their hands full of loose change
and then carefully pick their favorite candy with a big smile on each face

grandpa knew what a customer wanted as soon as they came in
for they came to him again and again becoming as close as friends
and some customers would come by just to chat about this and that
in a store that had more than stock on its shelves, now lost to trends

so as I shop in one of our modern perfectly planned super markets
I think about what we have lost and the antiseptic world we leave to our heirs
for the old corner store was so much more than just penny candy behind a glass case
and now I sit alone in my room searching the internet for my red cinnamon bears

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collect all

English: Photograph of a Poké Ball container, ...

English: Photograph of a Poké Ball container, distributed with Burger King Kids’ Meals from 1999–2000. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember driving to every Burger King we could find
and eating there for every meal of the day
looking to collect more Pokemon toys for our kids
only to get yet another voltorb, much to my dismay

by the time the little toy promotion was over
I couldn’t even bear the sight of a Burger King
and even to this day I sometimes wince
like I’m recovering from being in a real Pokemon battle ring

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the other day

Reading glasses

Reading glasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought of her the other day
a soft echo of a mere wisp of a long forgotten memory
I could almost remember the way her hair bounced
or the warmth I felt when she simply smiled at me

but the years have long covered that path
with the litter of fallen trees, leaves and other decay and debris
there is no way to ever go back and find what was lost
so I sit relaxing and sipping my hot green tea

until a rush of unbidden emotion swells like a mountain spring
and I’m forced to take a moment and wipe the corners of my eyes
then, I slowly fold my reading glasses, set them aside and lean back
close my eyes and try to think of something to say that sounds wise

but nothing comes to my mind worth repeating
so, I think back again to her and the other day
and remember when she was standing just this close to me
and just like today, I couldn’t think of the right thing to say

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I’m sorry, but I can’t remember what I wasn’t supposed to forget


MEMORY & TIME (Photo credit: Vankuso (Dominik Starosz))

some people seem to be blessed and remember the littlest things
like my older sister that is still upset to this day
about a kitchen chair that I broke as a child and for which I got her blamed
while I don’t remember the incident at all, let alone if it happened that way

like a modern archeologist might dig in the ground
sifting through the bones of our ancient dead
I wish I could search within my mind for secrets buried for so long
digging through false and absent memories that often have me misled

somehow, so many memories are lost in the fog of my mind
if only I could send in a search and rescue team
to recover those most precious lost memories of mine
what wondrous insights into myself I might glean
or maybe I wouldn’t like what they would find?

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I remember yesterday


Sing (Photo credit: Valerie Reneé)

she sings to me
in sweetly different ways
of an old fashioned form of love
that harkens back to better yesterdays

as my hopes float away like lost balloons
I struggle to recall the lyrics of the forgotten song
but there is no doubt in my aging heart
about the place where I belong

for she sang to me
in a completely different way
and my memory may be slowly fading
but I remember yesterday

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I Remember

A walk on the beach

Image by TimOve via Flickr

on the day I met you
my love I came alive
I thought of how I could get to you
and make you be my bride

cuz I love youI really do
cuz I love you, I really do

on our first date together
my love I felt for you
we held hands
walked in the sands
and talked of what we would do

cuz I love youI really do
cuz I love you, I really do

and now we’ve been married for years
my love has faded away
I don’t know where it has gone
but I guess I’ll always stay

I remember I loved you
I really do
I remember I loved you
I really do

I remember
I remember I loved you

“I Remember” © 1981 Ronald K. House

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The Light is Gone

Lost love

Image by Sybren A. Stüvel via Flickr

The light is gone
the dark has come
the shadows
crowd round my fears
my tears

the light has gone
the dark remains
for never will I find again
what I’ve lost

my love is gone
she’ll not return
but forever more
she’ll be
in me

my life goes on
but not the same
for never will I find again
the love I once found
with her

only memories, only pain
only memories, only pain

never will I live again
for I have lost
my love

“The Light is Gone” © 1983 Ronald K. House

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