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happiness is not a cold squirt gun

in 6th grade, I was a shy and awkward youth
that was smitten with the smartest girl in my class
she had a lovely smile and sandy blonde hair and freckles
and was without doubt a very cute little lass

all I knew to do was to taunt and tease
so, I would pull on her pretty hair
in an epic fail attempt to demonstrate
to the poor young girl that I cared

or I would knock over her pencil can
sending her pencils crashing onto the school floor
just to get a reaction and a moment of her attention
as if all is really fair, after all, in love and war

and one dark day at the school carnival
I shot her in the face with water from a squirt gun
so sadly, I don’t expect that she thinks very well of me today
or that the time she spent with me was very much fun


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Julie James

JulieJOilJulie James sat behind me in class
and she liked to blow on my ear
trying hard to perturb and fluster me
but I still hold her memory so dear

when she talked to me about a school dance
I so much wanted to invite her to go
but I couldn’t get up the nerve to ask
out of fear that she might say no

she once handed me a note that said
‘Ronnie is a hunk a honcho’ or something
I remember thinking that was pretty funny
although, I wasn’t sure what point she was making

that year I really grew to like her a lot
although, she so loved to taunt and tease me
I looked forward each day to being near to her
even though she made concentrating in class not so easy

she had a really great sense of humor
and was always quick with a mischievous smile
Julie was really very cute and fun to be with
and I envy the man who met her at the end of the aisle

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